The big data clock

Development Manager, Big Data. Information Management, IBM

Mankind has been genetically engineered to be part of the positive time graph of matter and space. Life is measured by time events, which can now be electronically recorded by big data technologies. What big data brings to the table is an accelerated pace of intelligence growth that mankind could never have achieved by sheer biological intelligence.

Recent Hollywood Sci-Fi blockbuster “Lucy” celebrates big data driven intelligence citing mankind’s limited capability of harnessing cerebral capacity. “Lucy” accuses mankind of having codified existence to “human size” to make things comprehensible; defining scale and forgetting that the true scale of existence is unfathomable. Much in the same way, the big data paradigm will redefine mankind’s boundaries of scale and give us a real picture of possibilities.     

big data time clock.jpgWhile we technically describe big data in different dimensions of volume, structure (variety), velocity and veracity, it is undeniable that all these facets are intrinsic to the time graph of events. Nature has always manifested herself in data event distributions that are observed and learnt for future similar time situations. Our scale of such learning is limited and big data now bridges that gap. Every time graph artifact can now be captured, be it a transactional update, social media chat or simply a heartbeat sensor record. We now have the technological backbone to time-fit life events as big data and develop intelligence for the future. The big data correlation analysis and “what-if” analysis on the captured time horizon of events, provides insights on the patterns and behavior of the governing event laws. This further aids determining the next best course of actions in the time graph.

As big data technology matures, data lineage defining the time path of events will play a significant role. The master clock measuring forward moving time is now converging with the big data clock, where events and their equivalent big data records move forward in the time graph. 

It is up to us to accelerate our understanding of the diversity of the big data clock events which delineate our experience of the world, from natural disasters to cyber-attacks. It is also a time for mankind to unite under the big data clock and collaborate for the greater human good to ensure intelligence is developing at speed. It’s now 2015—let’s strap on our very new smart big data watches and synchronize for a big data future.

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