The Big Data Dudes and the Lost in Las Vegas Mystery feature film

Big Data Curriculum Developer and Big Data Dude, IBM
Big Data Curriculum Developer Lead, IBM

Action, comedy, disguises, excitement, Las Vegas, mystery, big data... Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold your horses. What in the Apache Spark does big data have to do with this list? The new feature film by the Big Data Dudes—that’s what.

The Big Data Dudes vision

Before telling you more about this new blockbuster hit for the analytics industry, here’s a little history. In mid-2016, we created the Big Data Dudes with one vision—shattering the mold of what typical education looks like within the big data and analytics industry. We wanted to create a new video series that was fun and entertaining, but at the same time extremely educational, which is at the core of what we do as curriculum developers within the IBM Analytics Services group. Out of that desire, came the Big Data Dudes, perhaps the world’s most intriguing big data celebrities. They are internationally renowned film stars with the mission of not only entertaining, but also educating the world on all the hottest big data technologies. 

As true believers in the entrepreneurial spirit and being agile, we challenged ourselves to do something that no one else in their right mind could, would, should attempt to do. We made a feature film using nothing more than our imaginations and the cameras on our cell phones, and we designed all the action to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada at IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016. The film, Big Data Dudes and the Lost in Las Vegas Mystery, is based on a scenario from the real-life, hands-on lab presentation (Lab 1718) delivered by the Big Data Dudes to a sold-out crowd at the conference.

Now that we’ve piqued your curiosity, please join us in this thrilling The Lost in Las Vegas series as we use some of the most exciting technologies today such as Spark, Apache Zeppelin, and Apache Hive to derive analytics to solve our only-in-Hollywood big data use case. We use really cool mapping visualization libraries—complimentary and open source, of course—along with streaming data and tons more juicy technology that you are going to want to learn. puzzling, mystery use case

The new film has four parts. The first video, Big Data Dudes and the Lost in Las Vegas Mystery is an all-live-action video in Hollywood-presentation style that has a jam-packed cast and multiple special appearances—can you say robot? This video sets the stage for The Lost in Las Vegas Mystery series.

The second video, Using Apache Spark SQL, R and Zeppelin Notebooks on the Cloud, is the first of our technical videos that dives into our mystery. Follow Henry Quach as he searches for clues that will help solve the mystery, using a slew of the hottest open source big data technologies running on IBM Open Platform (IOP), including Hive, R, Spark and Zeppelin notebooks on the cloud as well as Apache Ambari; Google Maps; Leaflet, a JavaScript library for interactive maps; Spark SQL; real-time streaming with Spark Streaming; and much more.

The third video, Learn Apache Hive and Zeppelin Notebooks on the Cloud to Solve a Use Case, continues this world-class edutainment series as the Big Data Dudes try to uncover another piece of the puzzle. In this video, Aaron Ritchie rocks it with Hive on Zeppelin and really digs deep into the data—and the results are quite disturbing.

And in the final episode, Real-Time Streaming with Apache Spark to Solve the Lost in Las Vegas Mystery, we bring the saga full circle and finally solve the mystery. You do not want to miss the excitement—and you especially don't want to miss the blooper reel.

A premier analytics industry event

You can also view all the Big Data Dudes and The Lost in Las Vegas Mystery videos in one playlist. So kick back, relax, make some popcorn and meet the Big Data Dudes by watching what just might be the greatest feature film ever created for the analytics industry.