Big data ethics

Development Manager, Big Data. Information Management, IBM

IDC forecasts big data market capitalization to grow to $17 billion by 2015. Historically (by economic rules), growth rates expanding at a rate beyond 50 percent can potentially impact mankind like never before. Big data revolutionizes processes and systems to function optimally, at levels beyond the imagination.

A major growth factor is metadata. Most social interactions and human engagements may be viewed and analyzed as strings of information, or metadata, to interpret. Though most populations are not even aware of the metadata being produced around their day-to-day actions, it can be debated that personalized information has always been there, waiting for big data to unlock the full potential of that information.

It is natural to be nervous about the potential negatives that could emanate from the vast potential of this data. Growing global awareness and understanding are key factors in restoring the reputation of big data.

IBM's Big Data Platform centralizes big data artefacts to provide transparency and speedy access. Data governance in the IBM Big Data stack is positioned across integrations to play a vital role in enhancing data analysis and quality.

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