The big data jungle is coming to Vegas

Program Director, Marketing, IBM Analytics

In the world of big data, the elephant is king. Hadoop, once a plush, stuffed children’s toy, is now the face of big data. Apache Hadoop is the open source framework that manages massive amounts of data—really all types of data. The Hadoop elephant is joined in the big data jungle by many friends: Pig, Jaql and even a ZooKeeper to keep them all in line. Each component plays a significant role in managing big data.

  • Pig is a programming language designed to handle any kind of data. Pig is made up of two components: the language itself, which is called PigLatin, and the runtime environment where PigLatin programs are executed.
  • Jaql is a query language for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) that allows you to process both structured and nontraditional data and was donated by IBM to the open source community.
  • ZooKeeper provides a centralized infrastructure and services that enable synchronization across a cluster. ZooKeeper maintains common objects needed in large cluster environments.

The entire big data jungle will be making a trip to Las Vegas in October for the world’s largest big data conference: IBM Insight. Hadoop and friends will be front and center with experts sharing the do’s and don’ts of managing and analyzing big data.

Hadoop at IBM Insight

Earlier this year, IBM announced significant enhancements to its Hadoop distribution, InfoSphere BigInsights, and its SQL-on-Hadoop component, Big SQL. Big SQL features greater performance, security and SQL support. A number of sessions at IBM Insight will feature Big SQL and InfoSphere BigInsights, covering key topics such as cloud, analytics and deployment best practices. A few not-to-miss sessions include:

IBM Insight features 1500 technical sessions, more than 300 clients and business partners presenting and 350 exhibitors showing the latest in hardware, software and services. So whether you are a Hadoop expert or novice, regardless of whether you have implemented a big data project or are just evaluating, IBM Insight has something for you.


Come join us and 13,000 of our closest friends in the Vegas jungle—the elephant and his friends have a lot of good info to share.

Visit the conference website for more information and register today using code SOCIAL100 to save an additional $100.