Big Data Marketing Survey: "Been There, Doing That" or "Still Planning to Plan"

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Communications Sector, IBM Analytics

With all the big data talk these days, I hear from a lot of marketers who are not the least bit fazed by all the buzz as they have been focused on data-driven campaigns for more than one dance. On the flip side, I also hear from a fair amount of CMOs and marketers who fully admit that they were totally unprepared for the torrents of data they are now dealing with.

So, this begs the question: which one are you? Are you an experienced big data marketer who has the tools, technologies and talents needed to make the most of the insights and relevance that multi-channel data brings to the table? Or are you still pushing through the planning stages as you work to build a consolidated digital marketing technology stack to support all of your data-based aspirations for high performance marketing and advertising?

There's no doubt that we all see the term "big data" popping up in the headlines of major daily newspapers, business publications, social media and thought-leadership blogs like the one you are on right now. But there is also no doubt that the hype is happening for a reason, and that’s the mountains of data that marketers and advertisers are collectively generating and the big promise that all that data can generate profitable intelligence.

So how can you separate hype from reality and finally figure out where you stand? We hope you’ll help us do just that.

IBM and Aberdeen Group invite you to participate in Aberdeen’s Big Data for Marketing survey to share your challenges, successes, and future plans when it comes to incorporating data analytics (both big and small) in your marketing programs. The resulting research will help determine the state of big data for marketing (buzz word, tectonic shift, or both?), and identify Best-in-Class practices in marketing data analytics. As a thank you for your time, you will receive a copy of the report when it publishes early in 2013. Individual responses will be kept strictly confidential and data only used in aggregate.

We thank you for your time!

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