Big Data - Past, Present and Future

Senior Product Marketing Manager, IBM

Intrigued by the title? Let me put this in perspective.

The Past – You have been doing big data for a long time by leveraging available data from "a number" of different sources. Admittedly the volume, variety and velocity of that data may have been considerably smaller.

The Present – Your world is turned upside down by the ever-increasing “3Vs.” New technologies like stream computing and Hadoop have revolutionized the way we process and analyze data. Hardware and storage is faster and cheaper. Plug-in appliances accelerate the speed of responses, and we are leveraging what used to be classified as "dark data" – data that we wanted to keep and use but didn't really know how to exploit. We are drowning in data – and if anything it's going to get more challenging.

The Future – So what does the future look like? We must not be distracted by just the “bigness” or scale of the problem. We still need to ensure the quality, relevance, completeness and security of the data. Are we at a point of inflection never before seen? What challenges and opportunities lie ahead? To hear the answers to these questions and more register for the webcast “Big data and the enterprise – A perspective from featured Gartner analyst Donald Feinberg.”


Big Data