Big Data Pioneers: Volvo Case Study

Industry Marketing Manager, energy & utilities, automotive, and chemical & petroleum industries, IBM

Dr, Magnus Kuschel of Volvo Truck recently spoke on an Automotive News Power Training webinar describing how Volvo Truck is using IBM big data and analytics capabilities to unlock new insights from telematics data.

volvo-trucks.jpgJudging by the interest level—the webinar blew away all previous attendance records!—this is one of the hottest topics in the automotive industry right now and clearly resonated with many OEMs, suppliers, automotive retailers as well as non-automotive industry people who are interested in understanding all the possible applications for these new capabilities.

Dan Ricci, IBM's Big Data & Analytics Automotive Industry Executive, kicked off the session with a brief overview of IBM's point of view, with specific emphasis on the range of new possibilities available through big data and analytics technologies that make it possible to derive real-time insights from structured and unstructured data in its native format.

Dr. Kuschel then discussed the evolution of telematics and how its sudden proliferation and maturation is driving an entirely new era in analytics capabilities. To take full advantage of these new opportunities, Dr. Kuschel elaborated on the specific technological and organizational changes Volvo Truck has undertaken.

For example, Dr. Kuschel described the introduction of hybrid vehicles and the increased volume and variety of data generated by them as compared to conventional gas- or diesel-powered vehicles. This data explosion—from both the vehicle as well as external sources—places added importance on data governance and data quality, as well as the obvious changes in data volume and velocity.

If you missed the webinar or would like to hear it again, you can access the replay here.

And if you would like to hear an encore performance, be sure to attend the IBM Information On Demand conference in Las Vegas November 3—7, where Dr. Kuschel will be presenting live.

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