Big dreams, small data

Development Manager, Big Data. Information Management, IBM
Everything is about big data these days, but what about the small data? 
Small innovative startups are making an impact like never seen before, but often lack established and concrete data sets due, mostly, to their age. But does that mean that we should label their data as small? And should these startups let go of big data and move forward with building marketing strategies, composing operational calculations and making large budget decisions without big data and big data best practices in mind?
The future is near for these so-called small startups with their small data. New data comes in constantly form external sources: competitor product data, government data, SEC filings, security, stock exchange data and more. Eventually, the organization builds its own data repositories (purchase history, campaign records and so on) and all data is aggregated into the overall big data ecosystem that we all find ourselves floating within each day.
IBM Infosphere Data Explorer is the right tool to help small and medium enterprises build external big data ecosystems in the interim period of their growth. Data Explorer brings in capabilities to federate across structured and unstructured content from file systems to social media.
It's important to dream big in the small data world too!