BigInsights Enables Business Intelligence to Be a Big Data Star

Big Data Product Marketing Manager, IBM

There has been a lot of talk lately about big data and business intelligence. While some worry that big data has slowed the growth of business intelligence spending, there’s a natural play for the two to come together. The deep analytics on the big data side, combined with the structured analysis on the BI side, complement each other, and bring actionable insight to the forefront.

microstrategy.jpgThe big data and BI partnership is evident in the recent announcement made by MicroStrategy. The company announced a certification of its 9.3.1 BI platform to run on InfoSphere BigInsights.

As MicroStrategy employee Richard Kruger states, “With the expected dramatic rise in corporate data set analysis, combined with the growing trend to leverage business intelligence (BI) throughout an organization, we stand at the crossroads of big data and BI. And nowhere is this nexus more evident than in IBM’s newest release of InfoSphere® BigInsights™.”

Last month, InfoSphere BigInsights v2.1 was released, boasting new features like Big SQL, which enables standard SQL access to data stored in Hadoop; GPFS – FPO (General Parallel File System - File Placement Optimizer), an enterprise-grade POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) compliant file system that enhances how data is accessed and stored in BigInsights; and HDFS NameNode high availability, which provides seamless, automatic and transparent failover.

BigInsights has always brought the power of Hadoop to the enterprise, and now its advanced analytics capabilities and ease of integration make it the perfect platform for a BI suite.

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