Bringing big data analytics to rural and community hospitals

CPSI, TruBridge and IBM

VP, Worldwide Marketing, Business Analytics, IBM

Big data analytics aren’t just for big organizations or big cities. In fact big data analytics can be especially useful when the data in question is diffuse—spread out over a number of small facilities and then aggregated to identify trends and patterns that might otherwise be overlooked.

drip.jpgCPSI and its services, and consulting subsidiary, TruBridge, are well aware of the power of big data and predictive analytics—and of the challenges facing smaller organizations that want to share in the benefits of the latest analytics software. CPSI (based in Mobile, Alabama) provides healthcare information solutions for rural and community hospitals in 45 states, plus the District of Columbia.

Like hospitals everywhere, CPSI’s customers are under constant pressure to keep costs as low as possible. But unlike their counterparts in major metropolitan areas, these facilities rarely have the luxury of large software budgets or dedicated IT departments. So, these rural and community hospitals have to work smarter, finding ways to collaborate and share the insights available from analytics. 

CPSI and TruBridge found a solution for their customers in IBM SPSS Modeler, a predictive analytics platform that enables organizations to analyze both structured and unstructured data in a variety of formats, regardless of whether the data is stored in a database, a data warehouse, Hadoop or flat file. SPSS Modeler also features a user-friendly interface that enables new or infrequent users, as well as advanced power users, to start building models and performing analysis almost immediately.

CPSI and TruBridge are initially rolling out SPSS Modeler in a 10-hospital case study to examine the risk of patient readmissions. The participating hospitals will aggregate their data with the goal of identifying risk factors common to subsets of the patient population most likely to seek readmission. Then they’ll formulate the steps necessary to address those patient needs proactively.

Boyd Douglas, the CEO of CPSI, observed that “the cost pressures facing healthcare today are especially acute in rural and community hospitals, which are chronically underfunded and in communities that are often underserved. It’s in places like these where big data and predictive analytics can be especially valuable.”

Patients at rural and community hospitals everywhere expect—and deserve—the same level of care as patients in major metropolitan areas. And with the help of CPSI, TruBridge and predictive analytics solutions from IBM, these hospitals will be able to deliver.

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