Bringing Federated Discovery and Navigation to Big Data

Director, Product Marketing, InfoSphere, IBM

Today, IBM is excited to announce the acquisition of Vivisimo to our big data portfolio. Vivisimo’s federated discovery and navigation capabilities are a key addition to IBM’s big data platform strategy.

IBM’s big data platform is designed to help organizations analyze any volume, variety and velocity of big data. It includes capabilities for Hadoop-based computing to analyze large volumes of data, stream computing for analyzing data in motion, data warehousing for both deep and operational analytics on structured data, and information integration and governance to integrate big data with enterprise systems.

With the addition of Vivisimo, organizations will be able to search, retrieve, navigate and discover big data in their source systems; profile the sources; and determine which data to integrate into the big data platform for deeper analysis.

Vivisimo adds unique capabilities to IBM’s big data platform to help clients quickly and cost-effectively understand their big data sources. Vivisimo has a proven fast “time to value” and enables organizations to quickly understand the potential benefits of analyzing big data, before integrating and moving all of that data to a platform. Organizations now have an opportunity to leave their big data in place while they discover and profile its value.

Vivisimo is capable of accurately determining the relevance of federated big data through positional indexing – the ability to understand the proximity of textual content (search parameters), and therefore rank its potential relevance. It is also able to analyze meta data and present relevant categories to users based on their initial search queries. Organizations will benefit by understanding their big data more quickly and by only integrating and persisting the relevant data for deeper analysis.

Vivisimo is a good strategic and technical fit within IBM’s big data platform. Vivisimo will continue to focus on federated discovery and navigation of a wide variety and huge volume of data, facilitating end-user search and navigation of data for various end-user applications, such as customer service, supply chain management, web and ecommerce applications, among others.

Federated discovery and navigation will be a useful addition to many Hadoop-system use cases, and will enable organizations to discover and understand big data sources before importing the data into a Hadoop system such as InfoSphere BigInsights. Vivisimo will also add highly scalable positional indexing and visualization capabilities to InfoSphere BigInsights, helping organizations quickly search and navigate big data stored within the platform.

Vivisimo has several unique differentiators that help it address big data:

1)            Accuracy –returns the most relevant results when searching and navigating federated sources of big data due to positional indexing capabilities.

2)            Security – controls security and access rights across federated sources and respects the security rights of the underlying systems.

3)            Scalability – scales up to big data volumes – indexing, searching and navigating through trillions of records.

4)            Integration – provides rich connectors to a variety of big data sources.

5)            Fast time to value – enables users to discover and understand big data sources quickly and easily.

Because determining data’s relevance upfront is optimal, our focus is on understanding sources of big data before integrating and persisting it. Vivisimo adds the ability to discover and navigate federated sources of big data while leaving the data in place.

Stream computing, via InfoSphere Streams, is another aspect of the same strategy – it enables organizations to analyze data-in-motion and to determine which data, or insights, are worth persisting. Information integration is a third aspect of this strategy; InfoSphere Information Server enables organizations to discover and profile structured data sources, and to integrate huge volumes of data into the big data platform.

With the addition of Vivisimo, IBM’s big data platform has unique capabilities to discover and profile big data sources without moving the data, automatically integrate structured data sources, and analyze data-in-motion as well as sift through streaming data to find useful insights to persist for further analysis.

Without question, Vivisimo strengthens what was already the most complete big data platform available.

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