Business intelligence comes to the cloud

Market Manager, IBM

Business intelligence (BI) is now standard practice in the everyday work world. As organizations evolve their cultures toward evidence-based decision making, this trend is very likely to intensify.

IT professionals continue to evolve their platforms, practices and tools to keep pace with the demands made by their companies for fast, agile and highly cost-efficient BI. As a reflection of this inexorable trend, BI now ranks more than 10 percentage points higher than any other IT priority, according to the latest Gartner CIO Agenda Report. Not only that, but the study has consistently shown BI to be a top priority for IT leaders over the past several years.

Business intelligence comes to the cloudCloud-based BI is now moving into the core range of mainstream approaches for provisioning this essential capability within organizations of all types. Indeed, as discussed in this Big Data & Analytics Hub article from last year, cloud-based business analytics is powering improved bottom lines throughout the business world. The benefits of cloud-based BI are several:

  • On-demand, self-service access to reporting, dashboards, mobile and many collaborative capabilities on a monthly subscription basis
  • No need to maintain hardware, software and specialized staffing
  • Leverage of the cloud service provider’s deep domain expertise
  • Reduced up-front expenses
  • Few risks to implementation and upgrades
  • Unprecedented speed to collaborate and innovate
  • Highly agile business response to competitive opportunities and challenges
  • Enhancements in operational efficiency and end-user flexibility
  • Tightened multilayer security and compliance

Though cloud-based approaches are increasingly mature and attractive, IT professionals now face a gap between their priorities and the availability of resources for pursuing that option. Looking across the landscape of available cloud-based BI solutions, line-of-business users are rightfully concerned when some cloud providers force them to give up functionality and/or security to gain scalability and cost-efficiency.

You shouldn’t have to trade off any of these critical requirements when your cloud-based BI service provider should be delivering it all. In that regard, check out IBM Cognos Business Intelligence on Cloud. This new service carries forward the maturity, scalability, performance, cost-effectiveness and functionality advantages of Cognos BI technology while delivering it through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model that preserves enterprise IT’s confidence, control and choice.

To learn more try our hands-on workshop at TDWI-Boston on July 28 or visit IBM Cognos Business Intelligence or IBM Business Intelligence on Cloud.

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And tune into this webinar: Charting Your Analytical Future Webinar – Business Intelligence for Everyone: Uniting Your Knowledge in the Cloud.” In this on-demand webinar that is available through December 10, 2015, see how this latest offering combines the best of SoftLayer and Cognos BI. It delivers a SaaS option for strengthening business insights and helps improve the speed and agility required by end users and developers to remain competitive. Learn how businesses can use a cloud-based approach for self-service and collaboration, how IT can leverage current on-premises or cloud data, and how compliance can become a competitive differentiator.