Capitalize on the Power of Big Data to Transform Marketing

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Communications Sector, IBM Analytics

There is no doubt about it: the practice and profession of marketing is changing… rapidly.

This evolution-level transformation is being seen in virtually every industry across B2C and B2B organizations. It’s being heard by both in-house marketers and outsourced marketing service providers and agencies. It’s having a ripple effect on product development, retail sales, customer experience, advertising campaigns and more as CMOs work to enhance value at every touch. And, most of all, it’s being felt by the very customers and prospects each marketer is tasked with accurately targeting.

The fact is that real-time insights powered by big data enable marketers to engage with individual audience members at the optimal time with the best possible response, personalized content or appropriate offer—and provide a foundation of data driven insights to help teams anticipate, predict and proactively react to changing market trends.

We’ve created a new whitepaper to help us explore these concepts and consider the following key points:

  • Preparing for the challenges of big data
  • Addressing key marketing imperatives
  • Redefining traditional marketing functions
  • Improving marketing effectiveness through behavior analysis
  • Enhancing customer value at every touch with real-time insights
  • Beginning the transformation

Our goal for this paper is reinforce the point that by fully analyzing all available sources of information, marketers are gaining powerful new insights that are unlike anything they have had access to before. For those that are utilizing these data sources, they are quickly realizing that analytic solutions for big data provide new approaches to address marketing imperatives and deliver impressive results.

Now, what marketer doesn’t want to do that?

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