Capturing IoT data from network's edge to the cloud

North America Data and Big Data Sales, IBM

IoT is the next goldmine of data. Today, it’s still largely untapped information that is primarily used for operational monitoring. By combining that data with traditional “corporate” data, you can improve customer service through faster problem recognition and response, react more quickly to a medical emergency through monitoring devices, provide better insurance rates to your clients by knowing their driving habits, provide better quality control throughout a manufacturing process.

We’re featuring a half-day with hands-on training presented by experts in the field. You’ll also have the chance to meet with others, like yourself, and hear how they’ve resolved the challenges they’ve faced. And the entire event is free, including lunch.

The hands-on IoT infrastructure session is designed to leverage what you already know about combining unstructured or NoSQL data with traditional legacy data in the same database and database operations.  With the correct technology, it is simple and easy to develop and deploy a sophisticated IoT infrastructure without any additional middleware federation/ETL layers. The data can be captured and used in its native format, stored efficiently and combined with any other data in the corporate infrastructure in a single operation. You can have an enterprise class data processing environment in a tiny gateway device. It can communicate with a corporate system whether in the cloud or on-prem. sit in a lab with 15 environmental sensors, that talk to 15 units of Raspberry Pi all connected to a "cloud" server. The sensors are capable of capturing temperature, humidity, light, acceleration, barometric pressure and other data. Attendees will use NodeRed to build an application that connects sensors to RPis as a gateway device. The data will be stored in its native NoSQL format, summarized and replicated into a "cloud" server. The "cloud" server contains traditional customer relational data. Finally attendees execute a data operation that combines the sensor data with traditional data for analytics and reporting. And it works.  

If you’re an Application or Data Architect, Database Administrator, Application Developer or Line-of Business owner who is evaluating architectural and data server solutions for your corporate environment, this is an event you won’t want to miss.

In February, you can attend the IBM Informix and IoT Roadshow in:

  • Kingston, Jamaica
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Denver, CO
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Chicago, IL
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Dallas, TX

If we’re not in a city close to you, we’ll be offering additional events in Canada and the US in March and April, 2017.

Space is limited and participation is popular. So be sure to sign up now to confirm your spot on the road to Informix expertise.

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