The CDO is in the driver's seat of the new data-driven business

Data Scientist and Professor of Astrophysics & Computational Science, George Mason University

Big data has matured, moving beyond the peak of its initial hype and is moving ahead into its promised plateau of productivity.

driver seat.jpgData has come of age in the corporate boardroom as well. The enormous potential for new wealth, new products, new customers, new insights and new entrepreneurial business lines has caused a cataclysmic shift in the power of “information” in the corporate executive suite.  

Big data analytics is putting the "I" back into "IT." Some even say that big data analytics is the "CIO's Chance of a Lifetime—The Ticket to Strategic Relevance." But it is not only the CIO at the executive table of the new data-driven enterprise—there is a new driver for data as a source of innovation and revenue. That new leader is the CDO, the chief data officer.  

Following IBM Insight 2014, where the CDO was discussed in several topical sessions, I took the opportunity to summarize this new role and the contributions that IBM is making toward these new developments in my new article "Chief Data Officer as Business Change Agent." 

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