Change the way you collaborate with a new financial planning solution

Senior Marketing Writer, IBM

If you’re like many finance professionals, when you try to model an expense plan or analyze the profitability of customers and products using spreadsheets, you can end up running out of rows and columns for all the variables. You can’t pivot enough to plan properly. You can’t find the performance drivers hidden in your plan. Data collection is difficult. And collaborating with colleagues can be a version control nightmare.

Powered by IBM Cognos TM1

But there is a way to avoid the frustration. IBM Planning Analytics is a solution that can transform your experience with agile planning and exploratory analytics. Built on the powerful in-memory online analytical processing (OLAP) engine in IBM Cognos TM1, the mature IBM Planning Analytics technology enables you to do multidimensional analysis and calculations for the most demanding profitability and scenario analysis.  

Take IBM Planning Analytics for a test-drive

Fortunately, you can get a head start on your planning and analysis by taking IBM Planning Analytics for a test-drive. The head start comes through a series of customizable Quick Start Templates that are available to anyone who signs up for the IBM Planning Analytics trial. The templates are pre-configured models designed to incorporate the best-practices knowledge of IBM experts, business partners and leading IBM customers. They enable you to perform financial analysis and build plans and models in less time and with less effort.

Sign up for the complimentary IBM trial, and you’ll have the option of trying out one or all of the different IBM Planning Analytics Quick Start Templates: Expense Planning, Margin Planning or Profitability Analysis.

You’ll see how easily you can perform in-depth analysis, create and share plans, connect individual cost-center budgets with expense drivers and a lot more.

Sign up today for the complimentary trial, and see what the next generation of planning and analytics looks like.