Cloud-based ingestion: The future is here

Solution Architect for WW COC (Dragon Slayer), IBM

“You know, one day I’ll be able to just take a picture of this document with my phone and send it to them.” Wait, that’s my mother in-law talking.

Cloud ingestion is here. The cloud is practically old. Hollywood has done a dozen movies on it. Cloud adoption is soaring. And if you’ve kept up, your music, pictures, and movies are already stored there. Your email is likely cloud based, and all those applications our smart devices in use—and the analytics built on them—are signed, sealed and delivered through the cloud.

We live on the Internet because of some very simple factors. Offices have decentralized. Software has turned to service. Collaboration with customers rules the day. Cloud computing use is efficient and secure; it distributes and empowers and it does it all on time and under budget.

Breaking the paper chain

Obviously, paper still exists. That non-digital content mired in an analog process remains. Camera phones still take pictures. Some signatures are still wet. Forms are still everywhere. But those factors don’t mean you’re chained to central processing, stinging from a million paper cuts and staring longingly up at the cloud. Capture can happen on the cloud. Capture should happen on the cloud.

Let’s consider ingestion channels, especially distributed ingestion channels. Many offices have paper mailed to a central location, where it is processed through high-speed scanners. Historically, this process is paper’s high-water mark. Why? Forget that the mail expense is through the roof. Owning or renting the office space and the required machinery is usually a maintenance challenge. And then consider staffing.

To be honest, many companies are doubling and even tripling their staffing to handle all that paper from the incoming channels, mailing it to the central office and then receiving and sorting—just to get to the scanning and processing part. What’s your service-level agreement (SLA) for that process? Leave it behind.

Capturing data in the cloud

The cloud can reach everybody and ingest at the source—each and every source from every channel. Process the data wherever you want, store it in the cloud or on premises after you ingest it, and process it in the cloud. Your customers are mobile, on demand and connected. Keep up with them: 

  • New account openings
  • Patient records
  • Invoices
  • Fax or email channels
  • Outside collaborators
  • Storefronts and remote offices 

Any channel handling paper can ingest directly to the cloud and have it processed cost-effectively there as well, with easy and fast scaling at peak times, and with better lifecycle management that matches changing needs. Capturing in the cloud is better.

Let’s consider security. If your main job focus is patients, insurance, finance or basically anything other than security, IBM has you covered. Security is what we do, and it has been a primary focus for quite some time. Learn more about the power of cloud-based capture.