The cloud now has a BLU lining and BLU has a cool hub

Big Data Evangelist, IBM

If you've been following our announcements recently, you're well aware that IBM is moving our big data and analytics portfolio inexorably into the cloud.

One of the key pillars of IBM's cloud strategy has been to integrate our next-generation BLU Acceleration technology into SmartCloud, our public-cloud platform. To that end, we announced an early access preview of BLU Acceleration for Cloud ( at the most recent IBM Information on Demand in late 2013. This service, which uses IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration, supports fast and simple self-service insight for business analysts and technical professionals. Under the covers, the service leverages BLU Acceleration's in-memory technology for speed-of-thought analytics.

BLUHUB.jpgWhere BLU is concerned, we have not stopped with the cloud. In addition to continuing to enhance the technology within the IBM DB2 10.5 database, we recently rolled out IBM BLU Acceleration Solution--Power Systems Edition and IBM BLU Acceleration for Cognos. Furthermore, our partner SAP announced integration of BLU Acceleration into several of its offerings (SAP Applications, SAP NetWeaver BW and DB2 Near-Line Storage for BW). BLU is a fundamental technology that other IBM partners are incorporating into their own solution portfolios.

And, of course, IBM plans to integrate BLU into a wider range of our own information management and business analytics solutions going forward. In addition to its role in our public cloud offering, BLU will become integral to our appliance- and software-based offerings.

To keep up with advancements in BLU technology and to identify key applications for it in your business, I recommend that you explore the new IBM BLU Hub. It's an excellent resource for customers to educate themselves on this exciting next-generation technology.