Coming Soon to a Blog Near You: nzLabs

VP Product Management & Marketing

"Learning to learn is to know how to navigate in a forest of facts, ideas and theories, a proliferation of constantly changing items of knowledge. Learning to learn is to know what to ignore but at the same time not rejecting innovation and research." Raymond Queneau (1903-1976), French poet, novelist and co-founder of 'Ouvroir de littérature potentielle."

A bit of “letting the cat out of the bag” here today.

NZ-Labs-LOGO-lrg-white.jpgComing soon to a blog near you is the public surfacing of nzLabs by Netezza, headed up by our CTO Justin Lindsey. The nzLabs team has been the primary driver for the TwinFin i-Class which Netezza announced back in February. As we head toward our Enzee Universe annual user conference in Boston starting on 21st June, Justin and his team are launching a website and blog to provide insights, information and opinions about the technology side of industry and the directions being taken.

While the nzLabs organization is the “heart and soul” of the innovation engine behind Netezza's deep-dive into the world of advanced analytics with TwinFin i-Class and a fantastic resource for partners and customers alike, that’s not where they stop. The nzLabs engineers and researchers continue to knock down technology barriers and expand boundaries for Netezza.

So through Justin and the rest of the nzLabs team you can expect to hear more about what they're doing to remove those barriers and increase capabilities in TwinFin i-Class as well as topics like getting maximum performance out of analytic algorithms (by parallelizing and "appliantizing" them), development tools and practices, virtualization and broadening the data analytics capabilities for Netezza’s customers in the near future.


Some of Netezza’s customers and partners who have been active in the Netezza Developer Network since Netezza’s first entry into the world of advanced analytics in 2007 will be very familiar with a number of the faces of the labs. Today this is a high-powered team that spans across the United States and Europe.

You should notice a characteristically non-marketing style in the blogs and communications from Justin and the nzLabs team. That’s not an accident. It reflects Justin’s no-nonsense approach to technology, problem solving and his care for the craft of engineering & design. It’s also a continuation of a trend that we set out on at Netezza more than two years ago to be much more open in our communications with partners, customers and analysts about what our capabilities, plans and directions were.

I’ll leave it up Justin to tell you more about nzLabs itself and to introduce you to some of the contributors and what they’re thinking about. But until then, “watch this space” for more news on nzLabs and TwinFin i-Class.