From Complex Weave to Intricate Pattern: 360 View of the Customer

Digital Marketing Lead, Public Services Sector, IBM Analytics

With multiple channels and numerous ways to interact with companies, today’s customer journey is a complex weave of paths. Often, customers start and end their journey before the business is even aware of it. With today’s competitive market place, the companies that best understand their customer–their motivations, where they’re going, and how they maneuver through the buying process–create a distinct competitive advantage. According to Forrester, “64% of companies say they aim to differentiate on the basis of customer experience against competitors.”

Customer understanding begins with an enhanced 360 view of the customer. Customers today have much more control than businesses would like to relinquish. By activating an enhanced customer view, however, companies can reclaim some of the control as they’re able to empower and enable customer facing professionals to find and leverage the customer data scattered across the enterprise. They also hone in on a deeper understanding of the individual customer as well as the customer as a whole. According to DMA, “34% of marketing professionals say that big data’s biggest benefit is to gain better insight into customer behavior.” With a complete view of the customer, businesses are able to map a customer’s journey and provide the right answers, at the right channel, at the right time. The complex weave is then no longer a confusing web but an intricate pattern, mapping the unique requirements of an exceptional customer experience.

Having a comprehensive view of the customer allows customer-facing professionals (CFPs) the assurance that their sales pitch and interactions with the customer reflect the most recent information on the customer. CFPs can then initiate intelligent upsell and cross-sell conversations and adapt recommendations to match. This results in increased customer lifetime value and boosts the business value over competitors. A critical piece to navigating the customer journey today is being able to shift as customers’ needs and demands change. Shifting requires insight and agility; shifting requires an enhanced 360 view of the customer.

Does your company have the enhanced customer view it needs to navigate the customer journey and ensure smooth sailing?

Check out this infographic to help steer you along the way.


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