Compliance for telecom regulations drives invaluable customer insights

Industry Marketing Manager - Communications, IBM

Telecom operators dread talk of compliance, which can mean spending hundreds of thousands—often millions—of dollars over a period of months with little more to show for their efforts than a tick on a regulatory checkbox. But compliance can mean much, much more. Indeed, telecom service providers can use regulatory compliance projects to drive business benefits such as improved loyalty while heightening the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Consider Turkcell, an integrated telecommunications and technology service provider in Turkey that launched its first GSM network in 1994. The company, which serves mobile and fixed customers, offers services that include over-the-top (OTT) content, cloud and television experiences. When Turkcell faced a tremendous challenge in the form of regulations governing consumer privacy, it used a regulatory compliance project to help it avoid churn and enhance its marketing while operating in an increasingly competitive industry.

Winning a race against time

In attempting to comply with new regulations, Turkcell faced the prospect of reviewing and confirming 7.9 million customer contracts in record time lest it suffer penalties for engaging in customer relations operations with customers who had not opted to receive marketing communications when signing their contract with Turkcell. In doing so, Turkcell aimed to verify that each customer’s contract information matched data associated with that customer within the company's CRM application, eliminating the risk of sending marketing communications that might violate newly instituted regulations.

In its race against time, Turkcell turned to IBM Datacap and IBM Business Partner Aksis for help managing its data validation process, allowing it to process a whopping 150,000 documents each day for 13 months. Using an automated review process, Turkcell identified 5.9 million contracts as containing correct information, flagging the remainder for manual review. Accordingly, Turkcell was able to update its CRM records with accurate customer information, complying with the regulations governing the Turkish telecom industry.

Going beyond compliance

But processing millions of contracts did more than simply ensure Turkcell’s compliance with regulations—it also provided a source of invaluable business insight. Taking the review process a step farther, Turkcell analyzed the mobile number transfer documents submitted when subscribers abandon one provider for another, and the data gained through this analysis helped Turkcell’s marketing team deepen its understanding of subscriber needs and competitors’ offers, allowing Turkcell to enhance its own campaigns with an eye to reducing subscriber churn and winning business from its competitors.

Get an inside view of Turkcell's success by watching this video synopsis, then reading the full case study. After you do, discover how IBM Analytics for Telecommunications can help you achieve regulatory compliance in your industry.