Connecting with the Internet of Things at IBM Insight 2015

Industry Marketing Manager, IBM

What do a bicycle race, a washing machine and a sub-Saharan farm have in common? The Internet of Things (IoT). It’s no joke; they’re all examples of how organizations representing a variety of industries are benefiting from data insights derived from the IoT. And they’ll be among the stories everyone’s going to be talking about when the spotlight shines on IoT at IBM Insight 2015. 

I’m excited to learn more at the conference about the Tour de France and Race Across America bicycle races leveraging IBM technology to change the experience for riders and spectators; about Whirlpool analyzing data from connected appliances; and about the IBM EZ-Farm project (which won the IoT Hackathon) in sub-Saharan Africa, where data collected from moisture sensors is playing a big part in helping combat the effects of drought.

But as you’ll see at Insight 2015, there’s even more to the Internet of Things than the considerable benefits it can bring to individual organizations. What’s especially amazing is how data from IoT-connected systems can be applied beyond localized experiences. For example, once you have data intelligence in a connected car, the collected usage data can advise the driver of potential problems or routine maintenance issues. And consider the value of the data beyond that—to an insurer, perhaps, that can use it to provide incentives to low-mileage drivers and safe drivers.

The point is that insights from one industry can affect everyday business decisions in areas well beyond that industry. Data intelligence coming from a particular product, whether it’s a car, bicycle or washing machine, can also be used in unexpected ways that have an impact on other services or products and on us as consumers.

In addition to IoT sessions focusing on real-world examples from the Tour de France, Whirlpool, EZ-Farm and other organizations, there will also be demonstrations of IBM Analytics technology for IoT, presentations featuring IBM Business Partners who have worked firsthand with customers to integrate IoT into their operations and much more. Don’t miss any of the IoT action—register now to join us at IBM Insight 2015.