Consumer engagement in healthcare

Industry Marketing Manager, Healthcare and Life Sciences

I am an industry marketing manager in healthcare big data and analytics, and all day long I think about how healthcare organizations can optimize consumer engagement to improve marketing effectiveness, increase utilization of health and wellness programs and provide better customer service. I’m also a person who consumes healthcare services, so today I’m switching hats to ponder these questions.    

We all wear many hats and, depending on the circumstance, those hats determine how we interact with institutions and how we consume products and services. Those hats also set expectations on how we want to be treated, or how we want others to perceive our brands. Have you switched hats recently and thought about how you want your organization to engage with you as a consumer

Engagement, on your terms

As a healthcare consumer, a question I often ask is “where can I find the best doctor to suit my needs and my family’s needs, who can also answer the questions I have related to our health?” I want resources to help guide my choices, not only based on cost and location, but also based on an individualized treatment approach in alignment with my philosophy about health and care.

Many healthcare organizations are already on the path to engaging consumers more effectively, following closely the customer centric behavior we’re seeing in industries like retail, telecommunications, travel and transportation. These industries are connecting data across silos in their organizations to move beyond broad population segmentation toward individualized engagement.

Luckily, mobile technology and social media have accelerated the opportunity for us to engage with one another, and this is not lost on healthcare. Because we have been conditioned to expect there to be an app for whatever problem we need to solve, I expect from my healthcare provider (or payer) multiple tools to help me manage my health (including web, mobile, phone and in person assistance), and I expect them to be provided on my terms. Managing my health must be when and where I need it. My healthcare providers and health plans need to give me quick, accurate answers to important questions, and the systems I use must be secure and protect my privacy. Oh, and by the way, I don’t want to be bothered with superfluous messages or junk mail that doesn’t pertain to my situation.

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Pulling the signal from the noise at IBM Insight

With disconnected systems, different types of data and different identities across systems, organizations must distill the signal from the noise to gain rich insights about their customers and deliver exceptional experience via multiple channels where and when consumers demand it.

We will be talking about this and many other opportunities with big data and analytics at IBM Insight, the largest and most innovative conference focused on how big data and analytics is truly transforming industries and professions.

Visit the agenda builder to find consumer or healthcare related sessions and keep an eye out for our customer luncheon at Insight where Ms. Srividya Sridharan, research director for customer insights at Forrester and Dr. Arvind Sathi, author of Customer Experience Analytics: The Key to Real-Time, Adaptive Customer Relationships, will talk about how to rock your bottom line with effective consumer engagement strategies.

Switch hats and be heard

What does customer insight mean to you and your organization? We want you to switch hats and engage with us, perhaps online here (leave a comment!), or at IBM Insight where we can listen to your perspective in person.

Yes, you may be part of a healthcare organization, but you're also a consumer of those services. As the experienced consumer, we encourage you to ask questions from different perspectives, challenge us, make us better and help us learn so we can, in turn, help fuel the transformations taking place in your office and in your life.