Countering fraud in a big data world

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Twitter chat with IBM's Bob Griffin and IDC's Mike Versace

#BigDataMgmt chat – Wednesday, March 12 – 12 p.m. EST & 5 p.m. GMT

Just like the great train robberies of the wild west, criminals today go where the money is: online fraud. Unfortunately, fraud has become an ever more lucrative, and increasingly difficult to track, criminal enterprise. The same technologies, from cloud to mobile to big data and analytics, that have transformed our professional and personal lives can also act as a digital smokescreen for would be criminals. 
As consumers, if we get in an auto accident, we want our claim processed quickly. If we shop online, we want a seamless experience. We also want to be alerted to fraudulent charges immediately. In this #BigDataMgmt chat our co-hosts Michael Versace (@versace57), global research director at IDC Financial Insights, and Robert Griffin (@BobGriffin_PS) , VP of counter fraud & industry solutions at IBM, will facilitate a chat on this important topic
In this chat you can join the discussion using the hashtag #BigDataMgmt. We certainly encourage you to contribute your perspective throughout the chat too!  Here are the questions we’ll be discussing on Wednesday, March 12 at 12:00 p.m. EST

#BigDataMgmt chat discussion questions:

  1. How do you balance the clutch and gas in terms of fighting fraud and maintaining the customer experience?
  2. What can we learn from the world of law enforcement about fighting fraud?
  3. How do you get siloed departments to collaborate more in fighting fraud?
  4. Can you share any examples of how organizations are proactively fighting fraud?
  5. How do you implement a counter fraud approach that does not result in false positive alerts?
  6. What analytics capabilities are available to help organizations counter fraud?
  7. How do you turn counter fraud measures into positive brand attributes?
  8. How is big data an integral part of fighting fraud?

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Michael Versace (@versace57), global research director at IDC Financial Insights, responsible for the risk technology and infrastructure marketplaces worldwide. He provides prospective on how leaders in the industry are leveraging third-platform technologies and strategies to better serve customers, develop new markets, meet business goals and compliance requirements, and transform business models through innovations in the consumer IT ecosystem, service provider and enterprise technology marketplaces. Mr. Versace also serves as the financial services industry lead on the maturity and adoption of big data and analytics technologies, and is the co-sponsor of Security Insights, a specialized research practice dedicated to security strategies and solutions across IDC vertical markets. 
Robert Griffin (@BobGriffin_PS) is the vice president of industry & counter fraud solutions at IBM. Mr.Griffin has spent more than 35 years in the software and services industry as a key player and successful serial entrepreneur. In October of 2011 he facilitated the sale of his then current company i2 to IBM, into its Industry Solutions, Software Group, where he remains as a business leader for public safety and counter fraud solutions. Mr. Griffin joined i2 as the CEO in July of 2009, as a result of the merger between i2 and his company Knowledge Computing Corporation (KCC). The merger resulted in a global organization with more than 350 employees servicing over 4500 organizations in 150 countries.

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