Courting your customer

Content Marketing Manager, ECM, IBM

You put a lot of effort into courting a new customer for your business. You make sure the customer gets the best experience while deciding to sign with your company. After all your hard work, the customer decides to join. That decision may seem like the time to celebrate. However, the fight to keep your customer interested has just begun.

Feeling important

Customers often look for the courtship period to continue. They don’t want to feel as though they’ve become second tier to the customers signing on who are newer than they are. Is your business equipped to keep this committed relationship alive?

Your employees are tasked with keeping these customers interested and wanting more. When I worked in retail, for example, I was often encouraged to surprise and delight my customers; I stepped in to make their usual interaction with the company a bit more exciting. I could do so because, as an employee, the company gave me the power to make smarter decisions and leverage the available content—basic customer information, what I learned from their in-store purchasing patterns, loyalty status and recent transaction history. I was continually empowered to help customers based on the context hidden in the content available to me.

The idea that harnessing content to deliver a superior customer experience is possible is not isolated to retail. In many industries, employees rely on content every single day, but it’s often scattered across multiple resources in less than useful formats. This situation makes continuously delivering the service customers demand highly challenging, and the relationships can begin to fizzle.

Being productive

Think about it. Suppose you manage an insurance company that is handling a claim. When customers call to follow up on a problem, you want your employees to be able to grab the necessary information as quickly as possible, right? You don’t want a customer sitting on hold while the agent shuffles folders of paper around and asks across the office for the critical piece of information on what’s covered. And you don't want the customer to have to remind the agent of when exactly the accident took place or when the claim was filed.

Clearly, fragmentation of content can drain productivity and frustrate customers who are expecting the insurance company to know their entire story on the spot and accurately. Don’t let your customer relationships end early. Getting the right content to the right people at the right time is possible no matter where they are. Check out the ebook, Harness Content to Deliver a Superior Customer Experience, from IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to learn more about empowering employees to keep customers at the center of your business.