Creating contextual and relevant experiences with Predictive Customer Intelligence

WW Solutions Portfolio Marketing Manager, IBM

The future of the customer experience is all about being contextually relevant. The challenge lies in getting the right message to the right person at the right time within the “perpetually on” marketing environment most brands now inhabit. What if you could provide a consistent and relevant experience across all channels that aligns your marketing outreach, sales and customer-service goals?

IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence (PCI) enables your brand to personalize individual interactions and maintain relevancy across all touch points, regardless of customer contact through a call center, apps, email, social media sites, or at brick and mortar locations.

This powerful analytics solution is designed to align every marketing and customer service engagement, as well as your strategies and tactical initiatives, with the behavior and preferences of your customers. When they are engaged with contextualized, relevant and timely messages, offers and services help you grow your top-line results. When your operational efficiencies are improved through massive scale-up capabilities, and ineffective interactions reduced, your bottom line gets a boost.

Predict with confidence

With the power of PCI, you can increase customer satisfaction, maximize customer lifetime value and reduce churn. Using a variety of advanced techniques like predictive modeling, sentiment analysis and data mining to analyze current and historical data, teams can make more reliable and accurate predictions about future events in the lifecycle of an individual customer, such as which offer they are most likely to respond to, or what may cause their dissatisfaction.

By building unique and dynamic customer personas, brands get deep, increasingly relevant insights into the mind of each unique customer—who they are, how they previously interacted with your brand, why they buy, and how future personalized interactions can be crafted to turn a customer into a brand loyalist.

Seamlessly refine your customer’s experience

What if you could proactively engage customers before they call in to complain or seek out a better, more competitive offer? The window of opportunity with your customer is fleeting. Each interaction provides the chance to change a customer’s perception, affect mood and set the tone of the experience. If you’re not equipped to act in that moment, the opportunity can disappear and be lost forever.

IBM PCI lets you provide the small, personal touches that have a major impact on a customer’s relationship with your brand. Take the data you already collect and combine it with sentiment gleaned from social networks, customer service interactions, online activity and more. This collection of big data is then driven through an advanced predictive analytics engine with powerful models that automatically define and score potential actions. All these options are balanced with the context of that exact moment, so the action that best aligns with your objectives can be chosen and executed in real time through the relevant customer interface.

PCI is designed to be easy to use—it’s not just for statisticians and data scientists. Marketing executives, sales and your teams on the front lines can quickly and effectively recognize trends and gain indispensable customer insights when it matters most. PCI can deploy to marketing management systems, as well as through any customer service interaction channel, seamlessly analyzing all relevant data (structured or unstructured) in real time to nail that contextual sweet spot, drive the sale and build rewarding customer experiences. Provide a contextually relevant experience with Predictive Customer Intelligence

Are you ready to become relevant?

Today’s customers are well informed; they expect a relevant dialogue with each brand at a personal level and a superior customer service tailored to their specific needs, even as they jump between touch points and interfaces. To serve these empowered customers, your business must put them at the center of everything you do to cater to that “market of one.” Empower your front lines with the tools they need to handle each individual customer interaction and get the optimal result every time.

Stand out from the crowd and build brand loyalty with a solution that helps build a predictable and profitable customer experience. For more on how IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence can increase customer satisfaction, maximize customer revenue and reduce customer churn, explore the interactive white paper, The New Frontier for Personalized Customer Experience: IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence.