Creating a safer planet with smarter analytics solutions

Director of Public Safety, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management Solutions, IBM

For decades, IBM has been assisting organizations that are responsible for protecting nations, cities and economies from the changing threat landscape, both natural and human-created. Today, IBM is reinforcing its commitment to help build a safer planet with the announcement of the Safer Planet Portfolio—a robust suite of solutions for law enforcement, emergency management, defense/national security, cyber threat intelligence and counter fraud designed to help professionals working in these areas protect lives, ensure economic stability and protect critical infrastructure. Safer Planet Portfolio is grounded in more than a century of trust in the accuracy and precision of IBM’s analytics. In alignment with this major announcement, IBM is introducing the first two of many new Safer Planet solutions: COPLINK on the Cloud and the Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management.  These new solutions will help give local law enforcement and emergency personnel the tools they need to use data and analytics to help protect the communities they serve.

The introduction of COPLINK on the Cloud is a major milestone for both IBM and the law enforcement community. This gives law enforcement agencies of any size access to the world’s largest network of law enforcement data, comprising more than 1 billion documents. IBM COPLINK on the Cloud applies analytics to vast quantities of data to help officials piece together seemingly unrelated information and generate tactical leads, allowing law enforcement officers to solve criminal investigations more quickly and operate with higher degrees of accuracy and precision.

The Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management leverages sophisticated analytics, provides data visualization and facilitates cross-agency collaboration to enable cities to plan and prepare for emergencies, coordinate response efforts and accelerate recovery. By providing a detailed common operating picture, it also allows emergency management professionals to understand the cascading effects that can arise when critical infrastructure assets go offline. First responders, incident commanders, security personnel, government leaders and executives can make near real-time decisions ranging from changing evacuation routes, placing repair crews around the city and preparing healthcare facilities to predicting weather effects on the city’s infrastructure and conducting what-if analyses based on historical information.

In the right situation, the use of data can be lifesaving. Whether in fighting crime or preparing communities for natural disasters, having and analyzing the right data can help public safety personnel do their jobs more quickly and more efficiently, leading to safer communities.

IBM is eager to move forward with this commitment to a safer planet and also with helping its clients move forward together.

In conjunction with this launch, IBM hosted two virtual event to start a conversation about working toward a safer planet. Read the recap or watch our expert panel discuss cybersecurity in the age of analytics and learn more about cybersecurity solutions from IBM.

Please attend these virtual events to join in discussing the capabilities and challenges facing IBM’s portfolio. Also be sure to visit the Safer Planet site to learn more about this game-changing new portfolio.