The Crowdsourced Editorial Calendar: You Drive the Content!

Social Media Strategy Lead - Information Management, IBM

According to our latest big data infographic "Tuning Into Big Data As The Buzz Gets Louder", there are more than 1.3 billion search results for the query "What is big data?"  That's quite a figure.  To put that figure into perspective let's compare it to the combined populations of North America and all of Europe (1,267,244, 431).  There are literally more individual web pages, purporting to define big data, than there are people in two of the world's more densely populated continents. (source: wikipedia).

If there are that many web pages trying to answer the question "What is big data", I'd imagine that there are even more people asking the question.  As the buzz continues to grow, finding answers to meet the need to understand big data-- answers that are more help than hype and more fact than fiction -- becomes increasingly difficult. 

If that seems hard to believe, check out some of the other facts and figures illustrated in our big data infographic .

Providing reliable answers to big data questions is one of the core reasons we developed the IBM Big Data Hub.  In fact, we've assembled a team of experts from both inside and outside of IBM to create content that can answer the most critical big data questions facing our audience.  And while we can do social research, interpret findings, read articles, study analyst reports and make educated guesses about what you, our audience, need to know about big data, we'd much rather hear it straight from you.

What big data questions would you like to assign our team of big data experts?  As we begin to flesh out our Q4 editorial calendar, we'd love get your input.  What types of use-cases are you most interested in?  What technologies do you find most intriguing? What topics would you like us cover?

Please leave your input in the comment field below and I'll keep you posted on our evolving and hopefully, newly-crowdsourced editorial calendar.

If you have valuable insights yourself, and want to contribute more directly, let us know. We are actively seeking to identify and partner with a variety of contributors who will help keep the content fresh and balanced, and the perspectives varied.