Customer data mart provides single, accurate view of warranty clients

Head of IT Architecture, Domestic & General

Imagine that the big game is coming up this weekend. You’ve made plans for all your best buds to come over and watch it on your giant LED TV. But while you’re watching the news before work, you notice there’s a weird horizontal line across the center of the screen, and what are those white spots? You frantically shake the remote control as you turn the TV on and off, but nothing changes, and now there’s a crackling sound. This is not good. The TV needs to be fixed in the next three days.

You tear through your filing cabinet flinging folders until you find the overstuffed one with the household warranty information. Relieved, you contact the insurer. When your call is answered, you’re told, “We’ll have to get back to you. We’re not finding your registration information.”

This is not the scenario you’d have with Domestic & General. Headquartered in the UK, Domestic & General is a leading provider of appliance care, which protects 16.3 million people, cares for 22 million products and repairs or replaces two million every year.  

Comprehensive, accurate customer data

When a customer calls an appliance care provider, they expect to be recognized, but sometimes the company can’t immediately make the connection.

Domestic & General wanted to address its own lack of customer data integration. At the same time, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was a motivator for the company to make a change or face a regulatory gap.

After issuing a request for proposals, Domestic & General chose IBM to help create a customer data mart based on IBM Db2, IBM InfoSphere Information Server, IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management and IBM InfoSphere QualityStage solutions.

Domestic & General used IBM InfoSphere DataStage on IBM Db2 to gather all customer data and run it through IBM InfoSphere QualityStage for cleansing. Using IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management, the company developed integrated customer profiles, which fed back into its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Domestic & General has connected its digital and contact channels to its customer data mart, giving support agents a comprehensive view of customer requirement. The InfoSphere software identifies any records that have been updated on an ongoing basis and triggers the data cleansing and matching process.

Better service, regulatory compliance

Domestic & General dramatically reduced the number of records in its systems, eliminating duplicate information. With a more comprehensive and accurate view of its clients, prospects and protection plans, the company can provide more efficient services that translate into better customer experiences.

By increasing control over and insight into customer data, Domestic & General can also confidently adhere to GDPR regulations and serve customers better.

The customer data mart further supports the company’s new IBM Campaign platform, which Domestic & General uses to create more cost efficient and compelling marketing campaigns.

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