The customer experience outlook and the role of data

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The IBM Institute for Business Value Global Consumer Study indicated that consumers are “asking for tomorrow today.” With the proliferation of social networks, mobile devices and data, it’s easy to understand why customer demands and expectations continue to expand while their patience shortens: “you have my data, you know me; can you please give me what I want before I ask?” 

With the market and customer demands evolving so quickly how do organizations ready for tomorrow’s customer? At the last check point research indicated that online channels nearly doubled to 27 percent of shoppers. Will mobile and online shopping be the future of the customer experience? In our next #CXO Twitter chat Derek Martin (@derekfmartin),  director of CRM with MetLife, joins us to discuss the customer experience outlook and the role of data. You can join easily using Tweetchat, where the hashtag #CXO is automatically appended to each tweet you send during the chat, streamlining the chat process.

Below are the questions we’ll be discussing as well as reference articles to help inspire the May 12 discussion at 12 noon ET. 

#CXO chat discussion questions

  1. Customers expect immediate action. How will immediacy change, and how can companies address the need for, instant resolution?
  2. Mobile options for customers are mandatory. How does this change customer experience today and how will it impact tomorrow?
  3. Will the Internet of Things and constant monitoring redefine customer experience?
  4. Does big data give businesses a “crystal ball” look at their customers?
  5. What are best practices for meeting demands of tomorrow’s customer?
  6. What’s the future of customer experience? Does it lie in predictive analytics, big data, mobile, social or a combination?
  7.  Who is the primary executive driving the customer experience of tomorrow? CCO, CMO, CIO? Other?
  8. How can businesses better prepare for tomorrow’s customer?
  9. In your opinion, what would tomorrow’s customer experience look like?

#CXO chat reference articles:

#CXO chat guests:

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Derek Martin is currently director of CRM with MetLife where he is responsible for all customer experience, NPS, cross sales and retention for their direct to consumer business.

Before Metlife, Derek was director of business development and sales with Velti, the world's leading mobile marketing company. Prior to Velti, Derek spent 7seven years with American Express, where he was responsible for American Express' internal strategy and operations consulting, focused on customer engagement, sales and retention for the global consumer telephone centers in 24 countries.

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