The Data and AI announcements from IBM Think 2019

Social Content Writer, IBM Cloud

Today at Think 2019, IBM announced a new vision for the future of AI and digital transformation. Along the way, we made a number of announcements and updates that could profoundly impact how enterprises will use analytics and AI to shape the future of their business. In all, it was definitely a big day of news for IBM partners and clients.

 In case you missed it, here are three major announcements for analytics pros from Think 2019:

  1. Watson Anywhere. We are now living in a multicloud world. The average enterprise already relies on six or more cloud solutions to meet its business needs.

To help deal with the complexities of multicloud, IBM Cloud Private for Data will now allow organizations to access and manage the full suite of IBM Watson offerings anywhere – across any cloud or any on-premises environment, from any vendor. Clients can harness the power of Watson in one integrated console for collecting, organizing and analyzing data across the entire enterprise.

Read more about Watson Anywhere.

  1. IBM Business Automation Intelligence with Watson. Today, IBM launched IBM Business Automation Intelligence with Watson. These are exciting,new AI services in IBM’s Automation Platform for Digital Business, which enables business users to apply automation to virtually every style of work across an organization using integrated capabilities such as data capture, content services, workflow and decisions. Therefore, optimizing people’s time for higher value work.
  1. IBM AI Certification and Learning. One of the biggest barriers to enterprise AI adoption is ensuring there’s a skilled workforce with the skill sets needed to build and innovate. AI advancements will likely need to come from a larger community of expert data scientists across the world.

To help make AI skills available to everyone, IBM will create new in-person workshops, an open online learning catalog and even an AI Skills Certifications program.

Start your AI education today by visiting the AI skills community, and check out the data science certification program we recently launched.

These are only a few highlights from Think 2019. To learn more about how IBM analytics can help you transform your business, and to see how our clients are building the future with data and AI, explore our site.