Data and AI Forum: Highlights from Business Analytics

IBM Cognos Content Marketing Manager

The 2019 IBM Data and AI Forum last month showcased emerging trends and AI innovation from clients across the globe. It was also a landmark event for IBM Business Analytics users as we unveiled the latest and greatest from IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Cognos Analytics. Here’s how it unfolded, day-by-day.

Monday, October 21

The Forum kicked off on Monday with a dynamic Community Day. Business Analytics users from all over the world gathered to participate in deep-dives on recent and upcoming enhanced product features, share their experiences, and learn how Business Analytics offerings will continue to integrate AI to make our lives easier.

The Community Day keynote discussed how the IBM Community serves hundreds of thousands of members across more than a dozen distinct products and topics. We explored the user perspective, collaborated on design strategy—and heard from customers about the importance of knowledge growth, support networks, and access to experts to help them drive transformation.

IBM executives shared IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Cognos Analytics strategy and vision, product roadmaps and a glimpse of the future of Business Analytics at IBM. Attendees said they enjoyed a fun breakout session: “Battle of the Product Managers” and a client showcase. In the showcase, several clients, including Adobe, AkBank, Michigan State University, and Miami-Dade County, shared how they’re using the latest integration features available in Business Analytics.

To round out Monday, we hosted product design and roadmap sessions. All in all, Day One was a huge hit with our community members—both new and experienced.

Join our new community to get involved, and learn how you can become an Analytics Hero.

Tuesday, October 22

On Tuesday, Business Analytics hosted more than 40 sessions, providing everything from client stories to roadmaps to product deep dives and hands-on labs. The labs are always a major attraction, with users eager to be in-the-know on the latest in IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM Planning Analytics software with IBM experts mentoring attendees. You can try your own deep-dive tutorial on the IBM Planning Analytics Workspace.

The highly-anticipated Business Analytics mini-keynote was standing-room only. Those who were able to attend this breakout learned about the future of Cognos Analytics and IBM Planning Analytics. What does it look like when two business analytics solutions merge for optimum power? How are Cognos and Planning Analytics advancing to keep in the forefront of business analytics? These are just a couple of thought-provoking questions posed during the session. Learn more by viewing the full presentation here.

In the conference keynote, Rob Thomas, General Manager of IBM Data and AI, joined forces with several clients representing different phases of the Journey to AI. He reminded attendees that “AI is not magic.” Further, you can’t have AI without IA (information architecture). Data and AI are different sides of the same coin—and you can’t achieve the value of AI without first transforming your data.

SiliconANGLE’s theCUBE hosted by Dave Vellante was on-site interviewing experts from across the Data and AI portfolio. Business Analytics was represented by Tony Higham, Distinguished Engineer, Digital and Cloud, on theCUBE. During his interview, Tony described the critical role AI will play in Business Analytics and a business landscape where planning, forecasting, budgeting, and business intelligence are all democratized, scaling across the world’s biggest companies or down to a single user.

Wednesday, October 23

Wednesday began with a keynote speech presented by Beth Smith, IBM General Manager of IBM Watson. She was joined by Alex Brewley of VMWare. Beth and Alex provided an overview of what it takes to reap the greatest rewards of AI analytics and automation in your workflows. Infusing AI into your organization can be an involved process on your part, but the outcome is worth the effort. They covered how to convert workflows from outdated, mono-modal messes into streamlined, scalable business analytics that provide actionable insights you can implement to ramp up your organization.

The Business Analytics client panel was a spirited roundtable of client experts representing a range of industries, including Ancestry, Jabil and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. We examined the ways these very different companies used common methodologies to integrate IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Cognos Analytics in order to achieve success.

Thursday, October 24

IBM partner Motio hosted two sessions of intensive, technical yet practical workshops in upgrading to Cognos Analytics 11.1 from previous versions. It’s time to say goodbye to your trusted old Cognos installation and discover what the future holds.

In all, the Data and AI Forum was a huge success, much like its predecessor, IBM Analytics University.

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