Data science: An immersive learning experience

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What does an immersive data science experience look like?

It looks a little like this:


Last week, IBM and the Spark Technology Center (STC) launched the first-of-its-kind data science immersive experience, Datapalooza. 

In partnership with Big Data University, Galvanize, TypeSafe, Silicon Valley Data Science, Nitro and others, IBM and the Spark Technology Center brought together 300 data scientists over three days to build data science skills, see incredible data products, live data science as a community and build data products.

A combination of training, best practices, success sharing, mentoring, inspiration and a rock concert, this event was unlike anything else in the data science community, according to participants. 

Data products and topics featured included the following:

  • Spark 101
  • Intro to Scala
  • Caltrain Rider: A Complete Data Product
  • RedRock
  • Building a Word2Vec Model with Twitter Data
  • Large Scale Modeling with Scala and Spark 

Apache Spark is the common foundation that weaves many of the featured data products together. Datapalooza helps data science professionals identify compelling use cases for Apache Spark, bringing data and design together to build a data product ready for their business. 

For those new to Spark, it is an open-source cluster computing framework with in-memory processing to speed analytic applications up to 100 times faster compared to technologies on the market today. Spark is highly versatile in many environments and is known for ease of use in creating algorithms that harness insight from complex data.

Announced this past June, IBM is committed to the Apache Spark project and to data science with investments in design-led initiatives and broad-scale education programs to promote open source innovation and accelerate intelligence into every application. Further, IBM has also committed its breakthrough machine learning library, SystemML, to open source.

Now is the time for data science. Datapalooza is a starting point on this journey to build and grow the community of data science professionals who will lead in the era of data science acceleration.

The San Francisco kickoff is the first of more than 12 events around the world focused on mobilizing the community and educating one million data science professionals.  

Datapalooza is not a conference. It’s a truly immersive experience. Every participant will see how awesome data products are built, ask questions about them and then build their own. Every data science professional will leave knowing more, doing more and benefiting from a strong network of peers that will live on long after Datapalooza concludes. 

Join the conversation at and at Datapalooza in a city near you in early 2016 including Seattle, Tel Aviv, Denver, Tokyo, Berlin, New York, London, Bangalore, São Paulo, Moscow, Shanghai and Sydney. 

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