Datability at CeBIT 2014

VP Worldwide Marketing, Information Management, IBM

I'm coming to you from CeBIT this week, the world‘s largest IT fair. It’s hard to describe the feeling of being surrounded by 285,000 bodies—amazing energy! 

This year’s CeBIT theme, Datability, clearly reflects the critical role big data and analytics plays in any organization’s strategy. In the IBM booth (almost eight acres of space!) we are focused on helping attendees understand how IBM Big Data & Analytics, including the capabilities of IBM Watson Foundations, can address their most pressing business imperatives and explore more, new possibilities. Through numerous demos attendees can see for themselves the power of big data and analytics. And they have been coming in droves to do just that


German Chancellor Angela Merkel even stopped by for a briefing on how IBM is partnering with Continental to create the foundation for a new generation of intelligent networked vehicles. 

Connected Car Demo.jpg

As part of the Expo opening, German Chancellor Angela Merkel toured the IBM booth. Martina Koederitz, General Manager of IBM Germany, shared IBM’s partnership with Continental on the Connected Car

Speaking of cars, we also announced that BMW is deploying IBM Big Data & Analytics technology to optimize products, repairs and maintenance. By applying predictive analytics to data such as product development, warranty, diagnostics and repair information, BMW will detect and fix vulnerabilities before new models are launched. 

This is an event like no other. I encourage you to visit our CeBIT site to keep up with the exciting action this week. The time is now to make datability a reality.