Dave Stodder, TDWI research director, talks streaming data analytics

Manager of Portfolio Strategy, IBM

The business intelligence and analytics world is undergoing significant changes and it’s about time. Streaming data holds the potential to dramatically reduce the time to deliver business critical information if it can be processed, understood and analyzed in real time, and visual data discovery makes it easy for business users to independently create and share analysis without delay. Both of these technologies are independently having an impact, but new advances are now allowing both to be used in conjunction and represent a breakthrough for big data and analytics. Streaming data alone doesn’t help your business—taking action on streaming data using rigorous analytics and visualization delivered in millisecond turns streaming data into actionable insight.

Most organizations see decreases in storage and other infrastructure costs after implementing a real-time analytic platform; this is because real-time analytics can pre-process all data including fast moving, always changing, streaming data like social data or sensor data. Only the relevant data needs to be persisted and real-time analytics help organizations cut through the noise. Therefore, embarking on a real-time analytics project doesn’t mean throwing out existing BI or analytics platforms and starting from scratch—more traditional analytic platforms are essential and no business can run without its data warehouse. Instead, think about where real time matters most and extend insight to include streaming data sources. Real-time analytic platforms should integrate with existing warehouses and BI capabilities to enhance and speed up outcomes, not slow them down or cost more money. Strategic investments in stream computing will pay off; results include more effective marketing campaigns, better customer care and more optimized, lean and agile operations.

Real time is often associated with larger organizations and millions of users scattered across the globe. Often, when people hear real time, they think lightning-fast, millisecond response times. Perhaps a better term is more real time. More real time could mean modeling client behavior every week instead of quarterly, or knowing two weeks sooner when your client wants to be removed from a mailing list. The reality is all organizations have streaming data sources they can mine for insight. Do you have a website Are you interested in becoming more social? Do you have mobile business plan? If yes, then you have a need for real-time analytics.

Dave Stodder, TDWI research director

Join us on April 9 at 12:00 noon EST for a deeper discussion with TDWI Research Director Dave Stodder: Analytics at the Speed of Business: Delivering Real-Time Insight from Data Streams.

At this upcoming webinar you will learn:

  • How organizations can analyze data in motion: streams of data from devices, apps, systems and other sources
  • How you can use data visualization and discovery analytics to enable users to gain valuable insights from real-time data streams 
  • Tips on how to integrate real-time data flows and analytics with existing business intelligence and data warehousing systems  

We hope you will participate on April 9 and find out how your organization can achieve new advantages through the visualization and analysis of real-time data and event streams. If you can’t wait until then to get started with real-time analytics, download InfoSphere Streams Quick Start Edition or watch a demo to see streaming data visualization.