DB2 Tech Talk: Building Next-Generation Applications

On demand: Leverage IBM DB2 JSON capabilities for data stored in DB2

Rapidly changing application environments require a flexible mechanism to store and communicate data between different application tiers. JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) offers a key technology for mobile, interactive applications because it helps reduce overhead for schema designs and avoid data transformation needs.

New JSON capabilities in IBM® DB2® data management enable developers to use the JSON-oriented query language, created by MongoDB, to interact with data stored in DB2 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, UNIX, and Microsoft Windows–based databases.

This driver-based solution is designed to embrace flexible JSON data representation within a reliable, enterprise-class relational database. The DB2 JSON capability supports a command-line processor, a Java application programming interface (API), and a wire listener to work with JSON documents.

Learn about all DB2 JSON features and how to leverage them to help deliver data to next-generation applications. This DB2 Tech Talk will be presented by Skyla Loomis of IBM Labs. Register today.

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