Delivering On-Demand Analytics at the Speed of Thought

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It’s a classic "fairy tale of star-crossed lovers.”

Leading global information and measurement company meets multinational technology and consulting corporation. They talk big data, analytics, on-premises technology and positive business outcomes.

It was love at first sight. (or maybe “partnership at first POC” is a better way of saying it?)

I’m sure we all remember this story from when our parents used to read it to us around the fireplace on some cold winter night in our distant past. We sat listening to tales of data models with our eyes wide open and our giddy imaginations wondering “will they find the 3-10x improvements needed in their concurrency workload?” And who didn’t peek ahead in the story to see if “they ran very complex workloads against mountains of data?” I know I certainly did.

And now, I am pleased to report that this is not some fairy tale or stage play!

This is reality, and companies like Nielsen are realizing the benefits of delivering advanced analytics to their customers on a daily basis. This story might not have knights fighting dragons, but it does have overwhelming challenges being conquered and lagging competitors being crushed.

Does it get better than that?

It starts off with Nielsen having the need to work against an extremely low-level granularity of data and run analytics at the speed of thought. This had always been an extremely challenging requirement for the company. For example, they needed to routinely gain insights from various data warehouses and large-scale social media feeds to understand how its consumers were making purchasing decisions. This is of critical importance, considering that Nielsen's clients need to know where to make investments so they get the best purchasing behavior from their consumers.

Enter the IBM® PureData™ System for Analytics, powered by Netezza technology. With this consolidated platform, Nielsen can finally analyze massive volumes of data and run extremely complex analytical workloads to provide value-added data back to the clients and their consumers.

In this new video, John Naduvathusseril, chief data architect at Nielsen, talks about the considerable advantage that the PureData System provides because of its ability to produce on-demand analytics, at speed, scale and simplicity, which Nielsen wasn’t previously able to do.

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