Delivering superior customer interactions: Banking edition

Content Marketing Manager, ECM, IBM

Imagine a customer beginning a loan application process online. A lot of information is needed before the loan can be processed. How would a seamless experience for the customer play out?

As the customer fills out the digital loan application, photos of additional documents, such as a photo ID or tax returns, may be required. The customer can use a mobile device to take quick and clear photos of these documents and upload them directly to the application. Once the application is complete, the customer can submit it to the bank as a single PDF file. As the application whizzes over to the bank, imagine that document capture cognitive technology classifies and pulls out individual pages and attachments, and then focuses on key decision data from the application to automate the process and begin a case. this notion of a seamless experience, the focus shifts to imagining how we’d like the bank to handle customer applications. Immediately after the customer submits the application, imagine that the bank is notified of the applications—and all the necessary parts are right there in the new case for the customer. A loan officer easily sees pending new applicants, and when clicking through them, the loan officer can see all parts of the customer’s application that needs review for loan approval.

This process can include full access to the application, historical data and any required documents. As the employee reviews the applications, imagine that the case management system uses smart analytics to detect a possible problem and can even make a recommendation on what action to take next. Once the loan officer is done with the application, the loan officer can approve everything within the case management system, effectively closing the case and notifying the customer of the approval and next steps. Even after the case is closed, all the actions and documents involved are retained for future use.

Are you aware that this entire scenario—using mobile document capture, case management and analytics—is possible today? Customers and employees alike can have this positive, seamless experience through the entire loan application process. IBM Enterprise Content Management offers a joint solution that integrates the power of document capture with the workflow capabilities of advanced case management. Download an interactive IBM Case Manager and IBM Datacap demonstration today.