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Big Data Evangelist, IBM

Business intelligence (BI) has evolved rapidly as a strategic resource for organizations everywhere. IBM’s announcement today of the open beta of IBM Cognos Analytics responds to what our customers have been telling us for quite a while on what they need to power data-driven business cultures.

To put this release in perspective, let’s look at the core customer requirements IBM has addressed in this release. First and foremost, customers demand BI environments that balance the requirements of two key stakeholders: line-of-business BI users and enterprise IT organizations.

Satisfying current decision-support requirements requires providing a tool that balances line-of-business users’ demands for self-service, ease of use and automation with IT’s demands for control and governance over data resources. Consequently, a modern BI environment must address the following imperatives:

  • Experience: BI should be self-service and easy to use, without requirements for IT training or handholding. A next-generation BI platform provides a user experience that spans both the traditional BI capabilities—query, reporting and dashboards—and the visual data discovery, accelerated business modeling and intent-driven authoring requirements of power users and “citizen data scientists.”
  • Agility: BI should be the domain of the many, not the few. The trend everywhere is toward steady democratization of data-driven decision support. A next-generation BI platform drives a cohesive, analytics-infused business culture, thereby enabling agile responses to changing circumstances and improving every decision, process and operation. It can scale to allow users across all business functions to explore ideas, test hypotheses and succeed or fail quickly and independently.
  • Connectivity: BI should be the province of connected knowledge workers who routinely share their data-driven insights. The 21st-century imperative is to connect team members, functional groups and business partners across an Insight Economy. A next-generation BI platform provides an interconnected and governed resource for supporting diverse, self-service analytics. It can work with any type or combination of data and analytics that is essential to collaboration. And it enables users to collaborate and share data-driven insights and analytics across the organization to power decisions and actions at the speed of business.
  • BI should be an intelligent resource that automatically guides users to the right answers. A next-generation BI platform supports any type of analytics—cognitive, descriptive, predictive or prescriptive—that a business requires to seize opportunities, operate efficiently and mitigate competitive threats. It helps users ask the right questions and can recommend the best way to present the insights or build a report or model.
  • Mobility: BI should let mobile users and distributed teams tap into the same core data, reports and models to derive insights anywhere and anytime. A next-generation BI platform provides self-service analytics for the full range of user mobility, delivering a unified experience across diverse mobile devices in both online and offline modes.
  • Trust: BI should leverage the best data, well-suited models and other key assets for the solution domain in question to enable decision-support confidence. A next-generation BI platform delivers confidence and helps ensure comprehensive lifecycle data lineage, security and quality.
  • Operationalization: BI should be an efficient, scalable, robust and governed resource that drives insights consistently across all business processes. A next-generation BI  analytics platform operationalizes data-driven insights at the department and enterprise levels. It supports production reporting, decision optimization embedded within an operations system and next-best-action recommendations at the point of impact. It delivers high-performance descriptive, predictive, prescriptive and cognitive analytics throughout the business, and leverages in-memory technology with smart caching technology to speed decisions in cloud-first environments.

To take the next step toward 21st-century BI, consider signing up for the Cognos Analytics open beta.

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