Designing systems of insight

Client Technical Leader for UK Public Sector, IBM UK Ltd.

Many organizations are looking to be data driven. They are under pressure to meet the demands of citizens and customers for personalized engagement in a world that is increasingly becoming always connected and socially networked. In response to this challenge, organizations are seeking timely and accurate insight in context to carve out competitive advantage. This need for insight impacts business processes throughout the organization, spanning product development, marketing, risk, customer service, supply chain and more.

Coherency and durability in analytics projects is necessary to facilitate business agility by exploiting data across the enterprise over the long term. The data reservoir offers an approach to build a system of insightan ecosystem for fulfilling these goals. It provides a simple way to access the data, including current operational data for customer analytics, to optimize the use of resources or to combat fraud. The data reservoir offers several capabilities and benefits: 

  • Act with confidence to share and reuse information while protecting unauthorized use
  • Combine and analyze data sources to create new understanding
  • Enhance data consistency among the systems
  • Facilitate increased social interaction, with real-time insight and data gathering to improve engagement with customers and staff
  • Manage the exploration and discovery of patterns in data, including through the use of sandboxes
  • Meet regulatory compliance needs
  • Provide self-service access to data for business and analytics teams
  • Understand the information the organization has
  • Use data to drive operations across business units to help them operate more effectively than ever

The data reservoir reference architecture balances the desire for easy access to data with information governance and security. It is agnostic with respect to specific technologies and highly componentized to allow incremental rollout. In addition, the data reservoir offers the technical basis for building trust in data and analytical insight so that organizations can become data driven. Information owners have the confidence to provide data knowing that its use is governed by policies. End users have controlled access to consume the data they need to explore it and discover insight to help meet business opportunities and overcome challenges. In short, a data reservoir comprises access, efficient management, governance and protection.

Download the IBM Redbooks publication, Designing and Operating a Data Reservoir and learn how to organize data, build trust in that data and make it accessible by building systems of insight.