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 “Today, there is the expectation of consistent excellence—an anticipation of delight. Users (both individual consumers and business users) simply assume that their online experience will be rich, engaging, personal and available from wherever they choose. They want an experience that delivers greater value and becomes a seamless extension of their lives.”—excerpt from "Exceptional Digital Experiences - Compelling, Empowering and Relevant"

To celebrate our three year #CXO Twitter chat anniversary Lynn Teo, former chief experience officer of McCann Erickson, Peg Fitzpatrick, head of social strategy at Canva, Michelle Morris, associate director of client experience at Crowe Horwath and Brian Mayer, customer experience architect and consultant, join us to discuss the digital customer expereince. You can join easily using Tweetchat, where the hashtag #CXO is automatically appended to each tweet you send during the chat, streamlining the chat process.

Below are the questions we’ll be discussing as well as reference articles to help inspire the April 21 discussion at 12 noon EST. Join us as we commemorate three years of twitterchats!

#CXO chat discussion questions

  1. How do you utilize digital channels to engage and re-engage connected customers?
  2. Can digital channels be used to deepen customer relationships?
  3. How can you ensure digital customer feedback is collected in real time and utilized across all touch points?
  4. What must businesses do to ensure relevant content, offerings and solutions for digital channels?
  5. How can businesses seamlessly integrate digital with other channels to enhance customer experience? 
  6. Where does big data fit in the digital customer experience equation?
  7. What is the role of IT in digital customer experience strategies?
  8. Which organizations are succeeding with digital experiences and what can we learn form them?
  9. With the proliferation of digital channels, what does the customer experience of 2020 look like?

#CXO chat reference articles:

#CXO chat guests:


Lynn Teo is a pioneering C-level customer experience executive and versatile, hands-on leader focused on spearheading transformation, integratio, and innovation initiatives that leverage customer and user-centricity as a market differentiator and revenue generator. Throughout her career, Lynn has developed, delivered and owned 30+ high-complexity and business critical digital product solutions to clients (web, mobile and ecommerce) across banking, publishing, travel, retail and automotive clients. She aligns cross-functional teams around a unifying vision to capitalize on the intersection of traditional, physical and digital consumer experiences. 


Peg Fitzpatrick is the head of social strategy for Canva, an online design tool. She works with Guy Kawasaki on social media marketing strategy and innovating the world of social media. Peg is also the director of marketing and social media manager for Kreussler Inc. covering the online brand management and well as traditional marketing.


Michelle K Morris is associate director of client experience at Crowe Horwath. She earned a BS in chemical engineering in 1992 and has 15 years of experience in various engineering roles including process, manufacturing and development. In these roles, Michelle earned six patents and led teams of engineers to innovate and launch several electromechanical products. Described as having an extreme passion for customers, Michelle switched roles in 2008 to start a customer experience effort in her company. Since that time, Michelle has created processes to gather customer feedback with surveys and transform that feedback into action and an improvement in the quality of the product and services her company delivers. Michelle earned a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in 2010 and continues to improve upon the processes she created to transform data into knowledge and ultimately improve the customers experience.   


Brian Mayer is a customer experience architect and consultant. He helps businesses and non-profits solve their marketing, technology and customer service challenges with creative, customer-focused solutions. As an experienced customer experience strategist and manager (12+ years) Brian designs processes and manages the business functions that define and deliver the customer experience.

What is #CXO chat?

#CXO chat is a weekly conversation every Monday at 12 noon EST/5 p.m. GMT, on Twitter. Each week we discuss a different customer experience optimization topic.

How do you join in?

If you use a Twitter client like Tweetdeck, HootSuite or Seesmic Desktop, create a search column for the term/hashtag "#CXO" and then, as we tweet with the #CXO hashtag, all tweets tagged with "#CXO" will show up in your column. You can also follow with Tweetchat and it automatically adds the #CXO hashtag.

How do you participate?

Just jump right in! Review the discussion questions posted to prepare your thoughts and answers. When the question is posed, begin your response with A1: for question 1, A2: for question 2, and so on. No answer is wrong! We look forward to seeing you at the #CXO water cooler hosted by @IBMBigData.

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