Digital Marketing Maturity: Using the 4 "RIGHTS"

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Communications Sector, IBM Analytics

If you work in, on, near or around marketing and advertising, you know all too well that digital marketing is in the midst of navigating through the most significant developments it has ever encountered.

This is history in the making.

As the age of big data marketing continues to push the boundaries of our talents, tools and technologies, we’re getting better and better at accomplishing that which all of us are laser-focused on doing: delivering the RIGHT message to the RIGHT person at the RIGHT time for the RIGHT price. Our goals and objectives are evolving from targeting mass audiences and improving overall campaign performance to targeting individuals and driving specific channel effectiveness.

At the same time, we’re dealing with something that has far more reach and power than we have seen in all decades prior: the consumer. Everything about the consumer has changed.

  • They have access to information… and they are not afraid to use it.
  • They have a voice unlike any they have ever had before… and they are not afraid to speak.
  • They demand relevance and quality… and they are not afraid to let us know when they don't get it.
  • The empowered consumer wants us to know who they are as a profile while we keep who they are as a person private and secure… and they are not the least bit afraid to remind us of that requirement as each new channel and device starts to bear fruit.

Moving_up_digital_marketing_maturity.pngBut how did we get here? How did all of this come to be and what does it all really mean? Most importantly, how do we effectively deal with data-driven media and marketing in a way that really, truly, deeply adds lasting value – for the marketer and the consumer?

That’s exactly what we set out to determine with this new whitepaper.

However, before we could delve into today and tomorrow, we had to first take a deep dive into yesterday to understand the journey that marketing has taken over the past century. We wanted to understand not only the path it is on but the meaning behind this staggering transformation.

As you will see, much of the big data evolution is being driven by the vast commercial possibilities of the Internet. The scope and pace of change suggests the advent of an even more fundamental shift, focusing the broader advertising community on a series of critical questions: How can data most effectively be used to address core business needs? Where can this data be sourced? How can it be shared, optimized and enhanced for analysis and monetization?

Are you asking yourself these same questions? We hope so.

This paper will achieve the following objectives:

  1. History of media and its impact to marketing
  2. Imperatives for data-driven digital marketing
  3. Four critical optimizations
  4. Steps to success in the digital marketing big data journey
  5. Summarize concepts and steps digital marketers need to embrace if they are to harness, manage and successfully exploit big data

Download “Moving Up the Digital Marketing Maturity with Big Data Analytics”