Digital transformation: Why the consumer is the channel

Chief Marketing Officer, IBM Analytics

If you go back 10 years and tell a room full of marketers they need to focus their efforts on speaking to a target audience as individuals, they’ll think either you’re trying to cut their budgets or you’re crazy. Today, however, that approach is not crazy at all. On the contrary, it’s business as usual.

Why? Because consumer expectations are at an all-time high. Consider the rise of the sharing economy. Everything is on demand and ready on short notice: cars, food, movies, a place to stay, a date for the night, a cheap flight. Everything and anything is only a click or an app away.

Wave of changeGet a better understanding of your customers by using the predictive behavior modeling and analysis tailored for each industry

Today’s consumers are looking for more than an old-fashioned, personalized offer or an outstanding experience. They want—and demand—relevant, real-time information delivered to them at the moment of need, and at the speed of now. With the world available from the smartphones in their pockets, consumers are relentlessly searching, seeing, sharing and socializing their wants and needs. And they are doing so in ways that keep marketers riding a wave of constant change and adaptation just to keep up, let alone drive repeatable success.

As a result, the race is on for marketers to give their customers what they want, exactly when and where they want it, day in and day out. Leading companies from industries worldwide are unleashing the power of data, analytics and cognitive computing to break new ground and redefine the customer journey. To meet this challenge, they are assembling the optimal mix of tools, talent and technology, both on premises and in the cloud, to uncover and liberate new sources of data that they never thought possible.

Insightful transformation

At IBM, we’re participating in this transformation on a daily basis. Here are four stories of companies that are turning various terabytes of data into actionable insights:

  • Luxottica works to understand who, when and where its best customers are and then activates that data to craft finely tuned campaigns that speak to the individual, whether that individual chooses to buy online or in the store.
  • Zalando works to stay ahead of the competition in the highly demanding fashion market by proactively reaching more than 17 million customers using ultra-targeted messaging designed to convert a casual consumer into a loyal fashionista.
  • AMC Networks understands television viewing patterns across channels and devices, making more informed broadcasting and marketing decisions that help to create win-win scenarios for both viewers and the advertisers they patronize.

How are you keeping ahead of customer demands to deliver game-changing results? Applying cognitive technologies and targeted solutions will help propel your company—and your customers—into the future.

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