Discovering best practices for IoT at Think 2018

Informix Product Marketing, IBM

Think 2018 in Las Vegas was a record-breaking event, where tens of thousands of attendees gathered to talk with one another and share their experiences. Visionary speakers and experts shared their solutions for some of the world’s most daunting challenges.

Most importantly, Think provided a chance to discover opportunities, trends, and best practices that will shape the industry. This was particularly true for topics surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT).

Presenters shared a number of intriguing case studies and demonstrations which highlighted the real-world implications of having the right IoT system in place. For example, Darin Tracy, an IBM Informix software engineer, demonstrated how earthquake sensors with an embedded database might help in emergency situations. By triggering preset instances when vibrations are detected, responders can communicate alerts more quickly. This, in turn, has the potential to reduce damage to infrastructure and loss of life by providing the opportunity to shut down public transportation and factories before tremors occur. It all starts with IoT and an embedded database.

SmartAxiom also shared its experience with increasing security, albeit in a different way. The company recognized that relying on a central server wouldn’t work for authenticating the expanding number of IoT devices and wanted to focus on building scalable IoT security solutions for customers. This led SmartAxiom to consider creating a decentralized model by moving authentication responsibility to the edge of the network with gateway devices. However, company leaders knew if their mission was going to be successful, the gateways would need to be small, powerful and low cost, with software that was very efficient. To accomplish this task, they used an embedded database that compresses data automatically and ran 20 percent faster on gateway devices than the alternatives they tested. Now, SmartAxiom is better prepared to help their clients protect against threats to IoT networks.

Petrosoft, which offers software, hardware, and services to help fuel retailers better manage operations, was willing to share its experience with edge-devices for IoT as well. For Petrosoft and its customers, speed is critical. Quicker insights enable better planning, which results in a better ability to serve those who visit throughout the day. As such, Petrosoft was looking for the right database to embed in its IoT devices. Ultimately, leadership decided on a database which put an emphasis on scalability and security while still maintaining a small footprint. This database was also capable of working across multiple data types, both structure and unstructured, to deliver a depth of insight. This enterprise-ready solution is now in place and helping a broad number of fuel retailers, with plans for even greater expansion on the horizon.

As Think came to a close, it was certain that many more were looking to the future, too. Of course they wanted to apply their new IoT knowledge within their own companies, but they also wanted to know when they could once again tap into this much knowledge.

Fortunately, Stuart Litle, president and board member of IIUG, who had recently won a lifetime achievement award for his efforts in the community, provided the dates for the IIUG 2018 conference. It will take place in Washington, DC, from 28 October through 1 November.

Whether you missed Think this year or were able to attend, it’s time to start preparing for the next opportunity. If you can’t wait until then, you can always review SmartAxiom and Petrosoft’s full case studies at any time.