Dispelling myths about the IBM Integrated Analytics System

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There are some misleading messages in the market about the IBM Hybrid Data Management and its data warehouse strategy. So here’s some clarification.

As a part of the overarching IBM hybrid data strategy in 2017, after more than two years of research and development, plus decades of combined experience in data warehouse, IBM created its next-generation appliance. This system combines the best of prior offerings, including PureData for Analytics, into a single, cloud-ready platform.

The IBM Integrated Analytics System drives major improvements in performance, user experience, expansion options and built-in data science capabilities, creating the greatest combined achievement of IBM in data warehouse and data science to date.

System features include:

  • Two to five times faster performance than the prior generation of PureData System for Analytics (N3001 Mako), meaning faster decisions for clients and their business.
  • Machine learning and AI built in. Apache Spark and the IBM Data Science Experience (DSX) are standard. Users can collect, analyze and run data science and machine learning in one system.
  • Netezza application portability; this is the only native compatibility for Netezza, offering instant cloud extension.
  • It’s hybrid cloud ready, offering workload portability across public and private clouds to meet business needs. It includes the Common SQL Engine to access data where it resides to “write once and run anywhere.”
  • Rapid deployment and time to value, so it’s ready for use within hours of arriving at your data center, offering the best price and performance in the industry.
  • Flexibility for the capability to grow compute or storage in-place to meet today’s demanding workloads.

The truth about IBM Integrated Analytics System

IBM is continuing its Netezza tradition with this high-performance, easy-to-use and rapidly deployed appliance form factor. IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS) uses existing technology while improving performance, offering better hardware with 300 percent more capacity. It is completely future-proof with embedded Spark and data science technology. IBM is continuing the investment in growing its strategy and will be introducing multi-rack along with new tier-storage options in the near future.

IIAS runs with a combination of the best Db2 and Netezza software. The development team spent a significant amount of effort combining the best capabilities of both technologies. Integrated Analytics System and Netezza are compatible and offer an excellent migration path, better than any of the other alternatives. IBM is fully committed to ensure that all of our Netezza clients migrate successfully to IIAS, Db2 Warehouse on Cloud or any form factor in the Common SQL Engine of the Hybrid Data Management Platform.

Many clients use Common SQL engine technology daily on premises and on cloud. Nedbank has a data warehouse of almost a petabyte. A large hotel chain has had its production reporting system on Db2 Warehouse on Cloud since last year. Delhaize, one of the world’s largest supply chain companies, is using Db2 Warehouse on Cloud every day. The Grand Slam tennis tournaments rely on the same technology.

There are more than 600 accounts on Db2 Warehouse on Cloud. Read case studies about Valor Holdings, IBM CIO Office, RSG Media and KONE to learn more.

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