Do you know your data?

Offering Manager, IBM

We are experiencing another industrial revolution. A revolution around data and its ability to impact every industry and profession today. From the time you start your day checking the weather data on your mobile phone, calculating the time it takes to reach your workplace with traffic data, we are all creators and consumers of data. 

This growth in data has also contributed to new challenges of securing it, governing it and protecting privacy. You need to constantly evaluate your data processing practices to ensure that you comply with upcoming regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)With such exponential growth in data, organizations find themselves under increased pressure to find the right data.  

The GDPR will go into force on May 25th 2018. If your organization is dealing with EU data subjects, you will need to make changes in your data management strategies to comply with the new rules of GDPR. But where should you start?  

GDPR strengthens the right of individuals to control the use of their data. It applies to all companies worldwide who work with or market to a EU personal data subject. As part of your GDPR readiness, you need to find and assess the information assets you maintain, particularly as it pertains to personal, and often sensitive data about individuals.  

I believe adopting the right data assessment approach is a good first step in your preparation for GDPR compliance. It's not only your customers that you need to evaluate, but also your employees and contractors. Noncompliance with GDPR could potentially cause huge risks and hefty fines to your business and even be damaging your brand’s reputation.

As you have less than a year to prepare for GDPR, I thought it’s a great time to share the cognitive capabilities offered by IBM StoredIQ to help you detect personal and sensitive data and expedite your data assessment efforts.

We have termed new "analytic plugins" as “cartridges” in IBM StoredIQ. Cartridges can contain analytic logic based on different technologies ranging from simple regular expressions to full blown cognitive approaches like natural language processing (NLP). Cartridges extend IBM StoredIQ’s capabilities to help identify patterns in documents during indexing and make these new insights searchable.

IBM StoredIQ has GDPR-focused data discovery cartridges that provide a powerful data assessment solution for discovering and recognizing sensitive and personal unstructured data. It helps provide:

  • Automated discovery and classification of unstructured content within the information landscape
  • Identification of personal, sensitive & critical information 
  • Advanced search capabilities specifically tailored to help find country specific data
  • Detailed data analysis of large amounts of corporate data
  • In-place data assessment & management capabilities to help you remediate potential regulatory and corporate policy outliers. 

I am excited to share the news that IBM StoredIQ will now provide:

  • Country specific cartridges for major European Union countries thereby helping to enable you to find personal and sensitive information types such as national ID number, bank account number, passport number, IP address, tax ID etc. 
  • Cartridges containing cognitive, natural language processing (NLP) modules to detect person names, organization/company names, locations/addresses.

Expedite your data assessment using IBM StoredIQ cartridges and get a head start in preparing for GDPR. Now is the time to build on the foundations you already have to protect, govern, and know your data.

To learn more on how you can use IBM StoredIQ cartridges for your GDPR related data assessments, click here. 

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