Don’t just be part of the audience—be part of the action at IBM Insight 2015

Program Director, Marketing, IBM Analytics

IBM Insight 2015 is a data and analytics conference that is designed to produce learning by doing. This emphasis is what sets Insight apart, and it is also what has me so jazzed about this year’s event. Now, don’t get me wrong: Seasoned experts will be sharing countless new ideas during breakout presentations, and you certainly won’t want to miss those. But the opportunity to engage with presenters and peers, all while touching and feeling solutions, is what gets me so excited about Insight 2015.

Each of the first three days of Insight 2015 will kick off with a thought-provoking general session during which clients, guest speakers and IBM thought leaders will share success stories. Then, beginning about mid-morning, attendees will be able to engage with experts and with each other for the remainder of the day, asking questions and exchanging ideas about analytics trends and IBM solutions.

  • one-on-one with IBM leadership after scheduling time in the event’s executive meeting center with the executive of your choice. Set it up when you register for the event, or wait until you arrive. (Personally, I wouldn’t mind some face time with Paul Zikopoulos, the vice president of client success; how about you?)
  • Try whatever solutions you see, whether in the expo or on the Bluemix/Cloud marketplace, by signing up for some hands-on experience to get a better idea of how a solution would work in your business. For example, discover how Watson Analytics can help you understand your data.
  • Participate in usability sessions during which you can share your feedback. IBM is actively seeking your input about look and feel, user interface and other aspects of featured IBM analytics solutions.
  • Engage with an expert in a breakout session, asking questions of and conversing with someone who knows more than anyone else about the solution in which you’re interested—and who can help you understand what that solution could do for your business.
  • Visit the expo to talk to IBM business partners about their experiences and their offerings.

To take part in a conference that lets you be part of the action and the conversation, join us at Insight 2015. And don’t let it stop there—take a moment now to explore how Watson Analytics can help illuminate the meaning in your data.