Don’t let your data management go off the rails

Social Business Manager, IBM

In the travel and transportation industry, maintaining continuous service everywhere is more than business-critical—it is integral to the bottom line. Thanks to an overriding focus on proactively managing, assessing and controlling risk, the mantra of such businesses is simple: “Always on—always safe.”

But staying always safe while being always on means ensuring that engines and the entire mechanical operation fire on all cylinders, going far beyond the material components used to transport passengers and goods there and back again. To thrive in the travel and transportation industry, you must understand your data, and you must manage it well. Among so many moving parts, and while monitoring real-time factors such as changes in weather, a single loose cog in processes and procedures can be financially and strategically disastrous. major travel and transportation businesses will be present at IBM Insight 2015 to share how they deployed software systems to effectively and proactively analyze data from disparate sources, thereby enhancing safety. One of these companies was concerned with train skidding, an issue that caused delays, disrupted traffic and even caused equipment deterioration. A successful proof of concept engagement helped the organization use actionable insight to provide real-time decision-making, helping ensure safe travel.

The other company grappled with a mega-database of incidents while operating its international logistics chain. This postal services and logistics provider, which operates in more than 200 countries, took pains to ensure safety and efficiency as its employees delivered packages around the world. But with ever more transactions to track, how could it use data to boost business effectiveness, offering enhanced value for an attractive price? At Insight 2015, this company will share how it boosted safety and enhanced business results using a platform designed to leverage structured and unstructured data drawn from a variety of resources and collection sources.

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