Don’t sweat the ROI: IBM + Box = time well spent

ECM Marketing Manager, IBM

“What was the return on investment (ROI) for that project?” If you’re anything like me, this question from your executive might give you a deer-in-the-headlights expression. With so many new cloud–ready solutions flooding the market, taking time to evaluate and choose the right content management solution that fits your specific requirements can be quite challenging.

I recently met with an IT executive, who told me he was hesitant to admit the truth when his boss asked him this very same question. He had spent a lot of time evaluating potential solutions, only to go over scope and budget after trying to collaborate with multiple vendors on quotes, losing track of files and wasting time on back and forth emails—the very things he was trying to solve for by finding the right content collaboration solution. Whether it’s time, money or resources being invested, we all want to know that our investment was well spent.

Putting content to work good news is that IBM and Box just made it easier and quicker than ever to learn about and evaluate integrated content management solutions. Bookmark the IBM and Box Partnership Hub, where you’ll find a wealth of short, easy-to-consume, on-demand videos that showcase different integrated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) portfolio solutions with powerful, collaborative capabilities that can put your business content to work.

If your workday is anything like mine, carving out time for a webinar, video or podcast is nice to have, but not always possible. The IBM and Box Hub is designed to enable you to play and pause short modules at a convenient time and get the information you need in a concise way. And a short investment of time now can lead to big returns later when you see the competitive advantage and real value you can derive from your content. It is time well spent.

Take, for example, the recently published report, The Total Economic Impact of Box's Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration Platform,” by Forrester that outlines the effect of Box’s content collaboration solution on a composite organization. the numbers are remarkable. During the course of the study, the organization reported a 405 percent ROI based on the almost $18 million saved and a 20 percent increase in productivity over a three-year period.

Employees that were surveyed reported faster results and more efficient workflows than they achieved previously that ranged from basic sync and share and mobile productivity to internal and external collaboration and project management. The bottom line is using Box’s secure content collaboration solution alone can improve ROI. Couple Box’s capabilities together with IBM ECM case management, governance and content capture solutions, and ROI is definitely headed in the right direction.

Taking the time to learn more

When you’re sitting in the airport or are in between meetings, spend 15 minutes on the IBM and Box Partnership Hub. You’ll find easy-to-consume information and save time pinpointing the right content management and collaboration solution to meet your specific needs. Start with the webcast on the IBM and Box strategic partnership to learn how organizations are working together to help you transform your business. Then, explore the Hub’s content on demand at any time to learn more about these other topics: 

  • IBM Case Manager + Box
  • IBM Content Navigator + Box
  • IBM Datacap + Box
  • IBM StoredIQ + Box 

Next time your boss asks you about ROI, be confident in your answer. Visit the IBM and Box Partnership Hub and start your own ROI success story!