Don't miss these IoT highlights at IBM Insight

General Manager, Internet of Things, IBM

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not merely about connecting devices to devices: It is also about helping industries and services connect with each other. Consumer and medical electronic devices, as well as commercial electronic devices, are being designed from the ground up to collect, communicate and analyze data about users and their surroundings. Moreover, such devices are sharing the data they collect across businesses to provide integrated services for healthcare, home safety and public services.

Thanks to the new connectivity, a smart watch or smartphone can help you keep tabs on your heart rate and insulin levels and can even report your condition to your healthcare provider and insurer. But such capabilities only scratch the surface of what wearables can do. The potential offered by IoT-enabled connectivity stretches to the horizon and beyond.

What makes such innovation possible? Several factors are driving advances in IoT-enabled technology:

  • Embedding of smart technology in manufactured items at the chip or circuit level
  • Use of increasingly capable cloud technology for networking and sophisticated analytics
  • Development of secure IoT platforms that can gather insights for the enterprise from chips, products and apps

IBM has been addressing industry solutions and applications for the Internet of Things for more than a decade. At IBM, we recognize the needs of enterprises in all industries to fully engage lines of business and technology gurus when developing scalable IoT projects. After all, the IT underpinnings of the Internet of Things directly affect an organization’s ability to derive value from its connected things.

IBM Insight 2015 is dedicated to helping you discover technologies and practices designed to help enterprises make the most of the Internet of Things. In particular, be sure to check out the key sessions highlighted below. If you can’t be with us at Insight, tune into IBMGO instead to catch the IoT super session as well as the general sessions.


For more on the Internet of Things, be sure to show up on the EXPO floor at Insight. Check out the latest and greatest tech by visiting us in the IoT Zone, in Exhibit Space 760, then stroll over to the IBM Industrial Zone on the Exhibit Promenade to learn more about how industries are tapping into the Internet of Things.